Yahoo pipe not updating rss x factor dating bournemouth

Yahoo pipe not updating rss

Ping ponged for about 2 hours until they finally settled. Another fun story: For the longest time the front page had an example pipe that merged search results from various online sites (amazon/ebay/cl).It was made by a former employee and was easily one of the most popular pipes.Of course, if the RSS is on the same domain, that isn't a problem. If your curious, I tested this in Canary with --disable-web-security as a command line flag. The last time I blogged about it was way back in 2010 (Proof of Concept 911 Viewer).And of course, if you are building something in Apache Cordova, then it isn't a problem either. ) And finally - if you control the RSS, you could add a CORS header to it so modern browsers could use it. As a gross simplification, YQL acts like a "query language" for the web.Unfortunately, Google has deprecated the API and while it still worked the last time I used it, I would strongly recommend folks migrate their apps away from it as soon as possible. Of course, there are 2 major flavors of RSS, and multiple versions of both flavors, but if you're just parsing one known RSS feed then you can write to that particular flavor and version.(More about the different versions can be found on Wikipedia.) Unfortunately, if you try to simply XHR to a RSS feed you'll run into the lovely cross origin browser doohicky that prevents you from making requests to another server.Chimp Feedr – like Yahoo Pipes – lets you add a series of individual RSS feed urls to a list, and then – at the click of a button – it generates a new RSS feed which combines all the posts going to those individual feeds in your original list.Well, if you get this right, you can create a feed that picks up on all the latest news or information in the area you cover.

To use it you simply add a new script to your code and then use feednami.load() to get your feed. If you've used any of these in production, drop me a comment below with your thoughts!Jason has a demonstration site which lets you experiment with wordcloud outputs using data from Twitter and wikipedia.Here’s an example for the Twitter search term jisccetis (clicking on a word starts a new search for that term).does have an option to generate a feed from a blog feed (shown here), but it looks like it’s a static image eg it won’t update as new project blog posts are created.So I turned my attention to Jason Davies and his Cloud extension to the D3 javascript library.

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In our role (JISC CETIS) supporting this programme we’ve already dusted the programme with some of our wizardry.

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