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Who is jason dohring dating

So that he's still alive and taken this upswing to go into the military and get his life back together again, hopefully he'll fall off the edge again, because I prefer the downward cliff, and not the moral high ground. You want him to have fun, have fights, get to rip on people. Logan's pulled his fair share of punches, but the reunion fight is a big brawl. And what's cool is we've never had all the guys together in one scene, so that it happens in this huge bar brawl is of interest to me. [Laughs.] A lot of folks from the show get to make cameos during the reunion scene. I would have liked to get Paul Rudd, Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, and all the fantastic guest stars and recurring stars we had. But two nights ago at the New York premiere, I got to see the girl who got to play the part [Andrea Estella], and it was fantastic. " She had broken her leg and it was healing, so we had to keep her in one place for her scenes. You know, our show ended in 2007, I know the network kind of came up to Rob right at the end of season three, "We don't know if you'll be coming back, so you might want to wrap things up here." And he said, "Okay," and he just did the total opposite — left everything open-ended. So that was probably the biggest thing we had going for us, that it was so unresolved, even after seven years, people wanted a resolution to that story.

I love that they bring back Max Greenfield, and Veronica brings him a pizza. She showed up on crutches on the film, on the first day. Would it be fair to say, since so much of the movie calls back to the Carrie Bishop–Susan Knight story line, that everything is Adam Scott's fault? I think it's so cool when fans can speak for themselves and have a voice. She just throws her balls out, as it were, and she's wonderful when she's dancing and grabbing her face and is totally into it. And even in this story, we have some loose ends with the corruption of the police department, and it probably goes further than that. I just feel like there will be a lot of Skype with my character on the next film — I'll just be all computer. I just want to do that cool Top Gun high-five with Dick, and then I can call my career a wrap.

Back in 2003, Dohring actually auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane, Veronica's sweetly guileless all-American ex-boyfriend.

Especially if you're Logan Echolls, her former adversary/possible soul mate.

Creator Rob Thomas - the man who spearheaded the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign that brought the much-loved series to the big screen - looked pretty chuffed as he joined the reunited cast for a group photo.

He's got style in spades: The 29-year-old took it up a notch in his dapper midnight blue suit, which he paired with dark brown dress shoes featuring blue laces, a crisp white shirt and dark blue patterned tie with red and white spotted design Sitting down with GMA's Lara Spencer, the star gushed about revisiting the character she first brought to life 10 years ago on the series that ran for three seasons, from 2004 to 2007, and revealed her long-held premonition that it was only a matter of time before the show was brought back in one form or another.'It's the best. Familiar faces: Enrico Colantoni (left), who reprises his role as Veronica's father, Keith Mars, looked suave in his black suit, while a casually-dressed Francis Capra, who plays shaved-headed Eli 'Weevil' Navarro, shocked fans with his full head of thick black hair Kristen admitted she was 'floored' at the reaction from fans to the Kickstarter campaign, which aimed to make million in one month to fund the project, a goal reached in an unheard of 10 hours that went on to exceed all expectations - and break records - by raising a total of .7 million.'Our fans have always been unbelievable and we knew that, but I think they proved that to the world,' she said of the record-breaking feat.

The 31-year-old, who plays Veronica's one-time love and fan favourite Logan Echolls, looked suitably dapper in black dress pants and shoes, a crisp white shirt with skinny black tie and a smart midnight blue jacket.

Belle of the ball: The star, who welcomed her first child, daughter Lincoln, one year ago later this month, showed off her enviable physique in the stunning frock, while she completed her look with poker-straight blonde tresses and fresh, natural base make-up Of course, Logan isn't the only man in the private eye's life, and Chris Lowell, who plays Veronica's current, long-time boyfriend, Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski, certainly wasn't about to be outdone in the style stakes.

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