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In 1990, he appeared in “Child in the Night” as Luke, which got him nominated for Young Artist Award.He has been nominated for and won many awards in his career. As he gained both name and fame from this field, he wants to continue his career in Hollywood. He made his first appearance in the TV series “Fraiser”, where he played the role of Ethan. In 2011, he got a chance to play the role of Ryan Newman in “Wilfred”, which got him nominated for the Satellite Award for Best Actor in TV Series.Right in the middle of interviewing Elijah Wood — reportedly one of the most charming and well-adjusted actors in Hollywood — I realise that I’m giving him an incredibly hard time. ‘The one who understood everyone’s perspective, for better or for worse.’ At four, on his mother’s suggestion, he began modelling in local shopping malls and at the age of eight, she took him to Los Angeles to a Hollywood talent scout convention where he was cast in Paula Abdul’s video ‘Forever Your Girl’, directed by David Fincher. I ask how Frodo went down with the ladies: ‘Well, I think. I didn’t get as much love as, like, an Elf perhaps, or a Gondorian.In his screen performances, Wood has a Christ-like quality, his cornflower-blue eyes able to transmit at once anguish, stoicism and vulnerability; off screen, he has been referred to as a ‘source of genuine goodness’. A small role in the story of two dysfunctional families and the effect of their infidelities on their children. But I did OK.’ The length and insular nature of the shoot allowed him to make the deep personal connections that he felt he’d missed out on as a child — he recounts tales of surfing and road trips with his co-stars Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan and Viggo Mortensen.

Blue”, “Tron: Uprising” and “Over the Garden Wall”.Elijah Wood is finally addressing those gay rumors.And unlike certain megabucks stars — Tom Cruise, for instance — he’s not threatening to sue. ‘I was the family peacemaker and moderator,’ he sighs. He regards that time as ‘my university, the year I changed from boy to man’. Jones’ remarkable performance as the philandering, attention-seeking, mollycoddled manchild poet is matched by Wood’s nuanced turn as a young man both disillusioned and profoundly altered by his initial five-day encounter with his hero. Born in Iowa to parents who ran a delicatessen, he was the middle child of the family, between his older brother Zach, now a film producer, and sister Hannah, an actor. There are so many ways to go wayward in this industry.’ It was not until he was cast by Peter Jackson in trilogy, after sending in a homemade audition tape of himself running through the woods in a hired Hobbit costume, that Wood left home on his own for the first time and moved to Wellington, New Zealand, for the 16-month shoot.

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Maybe it’s because I finally get to pick on someone my own size. ‘I don’t believe in cynicism,’ he says, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Cynicism kills the soul and murders people’s ability to move forward.’ Come on, Elijah. I don’t know if I’m laddie in that slightly misogynistic, on-the-piss, lack of intelligence, overly masculine, gross way. Wood has had little contact with his father since, and clearly puts his mother-mentor on a pedestal. Which perhaps goes some way to explaining why, after all his public exorcising of Frodo, Wood agreed to appear in the prequel trilogy, the final part of which is out next month. There’s really nothing sexy about it.’ He has also managed to carry out his private life under the radar; his only publicly documented relationships have been with German actress Franka Potente and Racine.

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