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And now Natalie is dating a dude who rolls with the Lilo? The only thing it is NOT is Tori Spelling and Donatella Versace. That’s what happens when you are friends with Lindsay Lohan.You may know Devendra Banhart as the hirsute dude who briefly dated Natalie Portman, but the 27-year-old Californian is a seriously gifted (and slightly eccentric) singer-songwriter who’s released six records of wonderfully experimental folk-rock. The historical book I found had some phonetic words that survived. I thought, The new song “Maria Lionza” is a spacey, multi-part opus. So in the beginning, I state my woes to the goddess, and in the next part, we state her name and ask her for something. I’m sure I didn’t execute it well, but that was the concept. What do you think of the country’s leader, Hugo Chavez? I was on my way to school when it all happened, and my mom was like, "You’re not going to school today." Today, it’s frightening. Any music on the radio has to have some modicum of an indigenous instrument. This month, he returns with , his first album for major-label Warner Bros. When it comes to her reply, it’s ineffable, so that part is instrumental. I just returned there this winter, because my cousin got married. I find that to be a totally fucking fascist way of instilling some sort of culture. Since this morning’s post about Natalie Portman’s new relationship with Devendra Banhart, a few of his hardcore fans have emailed insisting that A. MAJOR downgrade…it’s all I’m sayin’…Thanks Sarah M!I feel like I’ve done that with a lot of my records. For my album , I wanted to go where [Louisiana R&B musician] Bobby Charles worked.

This random singer has only earned status as a celebrity gossip subject to due his relationship with Natalie Portman. Would anyone know who Ray J was if he didn't videotape himself giving it to Kim Kardashian? One of them is this new one I discovered, an extinct dialect from these Native Americans called the Pit River Indians. It’s musically trying to represent what that experience would be like. I guess I don’t want everyone to know what I’m doing every second. And can we put Deerhoof’s "Spirit Ditties of No Tone" on the list, too?Natalie Portman and her new guy have taken their romance from the streets of NYC to a bookstore, where they were spotted earlier this week laughing together.It was a momentary mystery to ID her guy under all that hair, but Nat's new man is none other than folk singer Devendra Banhart, whose music I like a lot.

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It is, however expensive to be the beautiful people.

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