Who is alexis bledel dating now uk and dating and services

Who is alexis bledel dating now

The show's casting director just dropped a massive bombshell about Rory / Alexis Bledel and her on-screen love interests.

We knew Alexis dated Milo Ventimiglia for three year and a half years until 2006 - the chemistry between the two was so palpable it had to be real. The casting director Mara Casey let it slip in a recent interview with Life & Style.

“I'm a really lucky guy,” he told before emphasizing that they try and make time for each other despite their various projects: “The most important thing, for us, is to make sure that we see each other in the flesh at least once every 10 days. ” Alexis' smile on the red carpet says it all: She was psyching herself up for this big revelation even though it had already blazed across the gossip sites months prior.

All the other stuff is good, like Face Time and the texting… Well, she can relax now that the news is officially out.

He previously dated both his castmate Hayden Panettiere. You're not supposed to be with one another."Perhaps this is advice he should also be giving Rory Gilmore before all three of her ex-boyfriends show up back in her life.

But that doesn't mean the actor doesn't love working with Moore.

In real life: The "Mad Men" set seems particularly conducive to relationships.

Slattery and Balsam were married in 1998 and, despite their characters' conflicts, seem anything but "Mad" off-camera.

[on talking about her relationship with Milo Ventimiglia]: "It's your stuff, and if you share things that are too personal with a magazine or with your public, it's sort of like it's not really yours anymore, it's shared information and it's not special to you anymore. I think people with personalities who like to talk about what's going on in their lives, they'll talk without ...

In real life: With a courtship that began around the time Bledel showed up on the "Mad Men" set in 2012, the couple married in June 2014.

Talia Balsam and John Slattery ("Mad Men") On the show: Roger Sterling's wife Mona became his understandably exasperated ex-wife, but they did their best to keep things civil in times of trouble.

But it somehow slipped under the radar that Alexis also dated Jared Padalecki! "We did have a joke about casting all of Alexis' [real-life] boyfriends. The timing and length of their relationship is still unknown.

Apparently the now 35-year-old actress also dated another actor on set but he only featured in one Gilmore Girls episode.

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At last night's red carpet, they were wearing regular clothing rather than period garb—well, Vincent was definitely channeling Pete in his suit.

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