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For a lot of people, a Dictionary app is an essential, and for whatever reason Android doesn’t come with one installed, but there’s tons of choice in the Play Store.

Easily one of the most popular – for American English speakers, of course – is the app.

is one of the most popular dictionary apps on Android, with the free version racking up between 10 and 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

An updated version of the app has just been released which brings a fresh coat of paint and some welcome new features.

This time, we’re hoping that people in the media will see that there is more to keeping a dictionary up to date than simply adding new words. Humans and computers are both pretty good at spotting completely new vocabulary items, and these days we have a lot of help from our users too: the Open Dictionary continues to grow as people send in new entries, and it’s one of the first places we check when compiling lists of additions.

But the largest number of changes come not from new words – though there are dozens of these – but from changes made to existing entries.

The update was spotted by a Reddit user and reported on yesterday by .

Among the permissions is one that lets Dictionary.com’s app access its users’ precise location, something that isn’t sitting right with privacy-conscious users who wonder why an online dictionary needs to know where you are., a spokesperson for Dictionary.com—which is owned by IAC/Inter Active—said the permission helps enhance mapping abilities and features like location-based lookups.

This allows users to quickly search for a definition through the app by highlighting a word and selecting the "Define" option from the popup menu.

Once you create an Edge Dictionary and associate the dictionary container with a service, any dictionary items created will appear in your generated VCL.

For example, if you were using Edge Dictionaries to control geolocation redirects, the table would appear similar to this: You can create and update dictionary items regardless of whether or not they exist.

The company also says it gave plenty of notice before updating its terms.

The full statement is below:“updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on July 24, and provided in-app notification 15 days in advance and 15 days following to all users upon opening the app.

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