Updating certifier id entry not found in Free dating cams athens

Updating certifier id entry not found in

The Domino Administrator wants to reconfigure Server with new server and cert id.

There are some databases residing inside the server and one significant domino database.

After realising that a lot of people are ill-informed about Lotus Notes / Domino and its capabilities, I have established this blog (built on Lotus Notes! It compliments legacy applications in Oracle, SAP and other third party applications.

Please help me redress the balance by sharing your experiences of Lotus Notes and posting all things good about the product - how you use it, how it helps you and how it helps your organisation. IBM Notes is a very powerful development platform for companies.

The main reason you should give Domino/Notes a try if you need to offer such features, is that the Web-based tools are just too complicated to use by non-technical people (editing with HTML editors, uploading updated HTML files to your web server, synchronizing laptops, etc.), and do not support replications as easily as Domino/Notes.

As for proprietary solutions, MS Exchange only runs on NT and doesn't support knowledge databases as well as Domino, and Novell's Groupwise requires an NDS server in addition to a Groupwise server.

applications, logs, etc.) andeventually process the data before being dispatched.

XStatic-angular-ui-router ------------------------- angular-ui-router javascript library packaged for setuptools (easy_install) / pip.

Domino is available for NT, AS/400, and different *nices (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux), while Notes is only available for Windows, although it is said to run OK on Linux under the Wine emulator.

IMHO, Domino/Notes is the greatest, albeit proprietary, groupware solution currently available.

Besides e-mail to-do, personal/group calendars, and personal/group address books, it lets you build shared knowledge databases, and generally improve team-work through workflow.

Hi Domino Gurus, Lotus Domino Server got migrated to new Domino Server by retaining Server and Cert ID.

However, the server and cert id passwords are unknown/lost.

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You MAY use some minimal support code from the XStatic base package, if you like.

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