Updating access database from dataset in vb net

Updating access database from dataset in vb net

Hi Guys, I want to convert an Excel Sheet to a Access Database. After that what do I have to do for the Access conversion? Net I have to load those data in a datagrid and after that only i have to put those data in an Access. So rather than getting each cell and put it in to the database, is there any easier way? Read the dataset, one record at a time, and do an Insert into the database for each row. -Retrieving the data stored in the SQL Server database and presenting it in a user-friendly format to the user. The Connection object establishes a connection to the database.I have already explained how to Show Alert Message in ASP.Post Back Trigger or Async Post Back Trigger for Button or Link Button placed in Grid View within AJAX Update Panel.im am using same code, but only connection string is changed, Dim cn As New Odbc.For example, the following call to Update writes changes from the Data Table named Categories back to the SQL Server table of the same name: statement that was provided to the Sql Data Adapter object or can be explicitly provided to the Sql Data Adapter object. Common operations are inserting, modifying and deleting data. The Data Set speaks to the Data Provider and represents disconnected data that caches data locally on the client. These classes provide all the members we need, to access and manipulate the SQL Server database. Net is comprehensive and exposes a large number of members to perform various operations. As shown in the diagram, the Data Provider speaks to the database.

The important objects are : Fig:1.1 - Relationship between Visual Basic. Net data access components and SQL Server The following are the four components and are together referred to as the Data Providers, as shown in the above figure. Net Objects fits into the scheme of programming in Visual Basic . Firstly, observe that the object model is sought to be explained in relationship to the database and the Visual application. Both the Sql Connection and Ole Db Connection namespaces inherit from the Idb Connection object.Net since data is transferred to and from a database through a data adapter.It retrieves data from a database into a dataset and updates the database.If you try to add Post Back Trigger or Async Post Back Trigger for such Button or Link Button which is placed inside Grid View, you will get following error.Message) End Try End Sub End Class Hello, thanks for the code.

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When the Update method is called, the Sql Data Adapter object notes that no values have been set for its Update Command, Insert Command, and Delete Command prperties, and therefore queries the Sql Command Builder object for these commands.

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