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A video revealed today a Utah Highway Patrol trooper repeatedly punching a woman in the head during a traffic stop.

Darla Wright, 53, was pulled over in August last year by Sgt.

Certainly, police can arrest anyone who wilfully obstructs them while taking pictures, but even then they have no automatic right to seize the device, much less delete its contents.

Unfortunately, say observers, too many police think otherwise.

Their supervisor has seen the video and police say a review is underway.“There’s no one here who feels that their response was appropriate,” said Gray. He saw the cruiser with a TAV logo drive slowly up Jane St. “They want to put you in your place and belittle you and make you feel humiliated.”In the video, Gill turns away from Miller to join the arresting officers.

Wright told local news station KSL that she does not remember much of the incident apart from a 'black glove coming through and hitting me... Utah police are currently investigating the matter, while Sgt. Bryan Hyer, spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety said that the investigations involve 'multiple layers of reviews'.'The Sgt.

And even if they know better, they too often use the excuse of obstruction and the threat of arrest to cover their illegal demands.

“Increasingly, people are being arrested, charged or even assaulted by police officers, merely for attempting to take photos or videos of officers at work,” says lawyer Karen Selick, who wrote on the topic last week in the National Post.

Concerned about carding and its racial disparities, passerby Mike Miller, who witnessed this scene on Sept. Moments later, the video shows two more officers arriving from TAVIS, a provincially funded unit.

One of the arresting officers directs the backup officers to “turn the camera on that guy.”The backup officers, constables Brian Smith and Shawn Gill, get so close to Miller that his lens is filled with their images instead of the arrest.

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