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The judge said he had read a letter from Merritt's parents as well as a note written by Merritt entitled "Lessons Learnt".

When I first read the following question, I thought surely I’d answered it before.

It looks legit, since I don’t remember Wiki having any advertisement but something seems a bit off, like the fact that they specifically told Brazilians to donate, just like all other spam “See how this Brazilian man made 1m!

Merritt – who worked in the Cabinet Office's Corporate Strategy Unit – also volunteered himself for research by child sex-abuse prevention charity the Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

Police found 3,000 images of the most serious indecent category among his 12,578-strong stash after his arrest.

But Merritt's lawyer Michael Shaw said: "Nobody could have done more since the arrest in December 2014 to try and redeem himself." Merritt has recently got a new job and his employers are willing to stand by him if he avoids prison.

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