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But, you do need to, well, not hostile to social media.That means at the very least some basics like, updating your email provider (hint: AOL is sooo 15 years ago). They offer such a great value and can often provide additional materials and reference study sheets to help you beyond the basic course materials.3. 15-20 hours per week are suggested in order to be successful with your on-time progress.4. You can do the bare minimum and try to pass the course, but you won't retain much that way…And what’s the point of that? Course mentors are there when you need help on the material. If your mentor offers to set up a call with you, DO IT!Keep your Facebook account up to date (and professionally appropriate, of course), not with a few posts on your page that looks like the grandkids set it up for you. You need to choose highlights, recent activities, make tough decisions and limit your resume to two pages, tops. One, recruiters just don’t have the time to read more than that.The truth is that people over 50 are all over Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it’s just a perception that they are not. It can seem impossible to limit thirty years of professional experience to just one or two pages. Two, a lot of your experience from, say, 1995, just isn’t relevant anymore.Specifically, I am looking for "falling speed" (How far does a creature fall in one round and is that affected by anything other than Feather Fall? With regards falling speed, we could calculate that reasonably easily with some maths ....

Listen After the first older gentleman we confronted at Nordstrom’s (who didn’t run away) stopped laughing at our outfits, he was glad to share from his heart.We were dared to go to a local outdoor shopping mall, dress up in thrift store costumes, sing to the crowd and then ask some older married couples the secret to a long and satisfying marriage.Dressing up was a kick, while singing (or maybe screeching) at the top of our lungs as shoppers averted their eyes and a dog in a stroller howled at us was a wee bit more difficult and very humbling.But, if you’re actually one of those whose almost totally offline, put down the rotary phone and accept that you need to look relatively fluent in…21 century. Companies use social media to post jobs, communicate to clients, find leads, sell products and other real business directives. Or, if it is more relevant than the last ten years, that’s a problem.There’s absolutely no reason to hide your age, but you don’t need to reiterate the fact that you’re an older job seeker by giving a blow by blow of life in the eighties.

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Whenever you find yourself in the market for a new job, you’ll likely get all kinds of advice. But, do stay in touch with former colleagues, bosses and clients.

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