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But fans have started yelling something else during goal kicks which is probably worse.

In Issue Ten of The Blizzard, Nicolas Poppe analyzed the unusual trend: the growing use of the “Puto” chant.

Amid all this confusion, allow me, your new favorite chicano LGBT ally, to linguistically, culturally, and practically dissect this debate. In Spanish, the term puta means prostitute, and Spanish, like other romance languages, has gendered nouns (a noun is either male or female).

Thus, the term puto is the masculine form, meaning a male prostitute.

"I showed the clip we'd done to one guy and he said that 'cojones' (from the title of the Puta Madre Brothers record - balls and cheese) wasn't a Mexican word, it was Spanish - for 'balls' they actually say huevos, which means eggs. One guy actually asked me if I indeed had any balls, when I wouldn't buy a pair of sunglasses he'd obviously stolen," he laughs.

Thankfully the Mexican reaction to the band's name didn't create the ire subject of a recent missive to Anto, sent by a Spanish-speaking Melbourne resident. "He told us we should get some Spanish lessons, signed 'one hell of an irate Spanish Australian'.

(The feminine form is puta.) In a literal sense, the term is not exclusive to male prostitutes who seek or accept male clients. Puto is thus used similarly to “bloody” in the United Kingdom and “fucking” in the United States. The chant only reflects the ugly linguistic reality of Latin America and Spain. And here’s the odd part: As concerned activists, what do you do with a heterosexist term so embedded in society that its meaning has arguably changed?

Vutnock: Hi flake why is your name always spelled "Doktor" Christian Lorentz on the credits of your CD's? Flake: Since I refused to go to the army, I wasn't allowed to study.

It's the idea brew for a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon.

It's actually a brisk Monday evening at fellow Puta Madre Brothers' member Anto's house in Northcote when we try the much-vaunted michelada - to everyone's satisfaction.

Flake: If I acted so serious on stage, people wouldn't believe it.

Flake: I try to break the static feling of being on stage.

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A staple in Mexico, the chant has just started gaining traction in the United States.

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