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The folks who showed OUR families the door in those places (mine came mostly from Ireland) thought of our families as scum. It doesn't make any sense on earth for someone to sleep with you and have sex and run away the next day. There is some hygiene issue or anything they find offensive. Bottom line seems like the majority of population black -white -red-yellow thinks their kind is better than everyone else.I don't think anyone suggested that you should date a person of color. People are to judgemental and base final decisions about hookin up on weight and pay days.

This includes marriage law, divorce law, education rights, clothing and Hijab, health and abortion-related issues (like family planning in Iran and abortion law in Iran) and the right to vote.

You have every right to date women of Italian descent, but in case you forgot, the OP was asking about Iranian men. Your hatefulness and ignorance, however, astounds me. well, I certianly didn't want this to turn into a bashing session of anyone-race, sex, or brain size. are 99% Muslum." (quote from sagman4u)Where do you get your information? Now many who identify as Iranian are Muslim, perhaps... Your attitude on this thread Sad Man4U is very unbecoming. Leave the people that actually know how to appreciate-support, and love someone else regardless of color,weight, height, or social status-financial status alone.

If someone called Italian women the things you called Iranian men, I suspect you would not be happy about it. Are you sure you are for real, and not a character out of a bad movie? my major concern was the cultural 'norms' for a persian man-i think we can all agree that those who were born & raised in iran may have a negative (to us) view of women & sexuality. :)it is not about ethnic origins, its cultural, muslim (some.... Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Manichaeism, Mazdakism, Yazdanism, Bábí Faith and Jewish are religions that have been active in the area known as Persia... My opinions come from seeing first hand how Pakistians, Arabic MEN treat their women.

These relationships can provide support, guidance, employment opportunities or help navigating bureaucracies.

Being a collectivist society, people in Iran show very strong loyalty to their family.

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A movement of the finger, a turn of the eye, is not left unnoticed, and receives an interpretation.

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