Kellie pickler who is she dating

Kellie pickler who is she dating

Kellie and Kyle wed in an "intimate ceremony on a private island in the Caribbean," Kelly's rep told Access Hollywood in ... » - [email protected](Access Editorial Staff) Kellie Pickler may have ditched her big wedding plans and eloped instead, but the country star captured her Caribbean wedding on video - and now its yours to see … As the footage flickers, filtered by a sepia-toned lens that later gives way to brighter colors, an acoustic song, "Say I Do," sung by Pickler's husband, Kyle Jacobs, gives the video a sentimental underscore. "Don't need to see you in a wedding dress," he sings. '"Pickler says the couple originally intended to have a big wedding, but decided to elope at the last minute due to stress caused by the guest list.

"I don't need nothing but me and you/I just want to love you/Want you to love me, » - Brian Orloff "American Idol" alum and newlywed Kellie Pickler appeared on "The Ellen De Generes Show" on Wednesday, Feb. " Normal 0 false false false En-us X-none X-none We were almost finished with the wedding planning.

Selena Gomez and her new injected face, because she’s dating an URBAN artist and she needs to look the part, like some kind of sex doll, with jacked up everything, is in a magazine promoting who the fuck cares, now that she’s out of rehab that she was only in to collect her insurance money on the tour she had to cancel ,because none of these entitled bitches every admit anything, even if addiction is just a padded excuse they can angle for more press, that gives them something to angle and talk about, where people feel sorry for them, and their LUPUS and struggles as a Disney Whore…

Well, in more interesting news, she’s got cleavage for In Style, which is not a porn magazine but could be if you were really into Selena Gomez and you should be, because she seems so fragile and easy to manipulate….

Here’s a little analysis without the analysis because I’m too lazy to crack jokes about bloated chipmunk LUPUS face…when you can just scroll through these screenshots or watch the below video of her insragram story – where she’s promoting some bullshit – to see that she’s got so many fucking injections in her face, she might as well call herself a Kardashian…and really she probably does when she’s at home masturbating for the Weeknd…it’s a fetish…broken Disney kids are a fetish….

Apparently the worst-kept secret in Nashville has still been one of the best-kept secrets outside of it.

The Doctors injecting people with this shit must be loving the cash grab they’ve created…in what started with botox face freeze that is now weird reshaping….

I just hope the product they use causes cancer in 2-5 years and kills off all these vapid, superfical, vain pieces of shit…who aren’t hotter like this…but they think they are…with their instagram faces….

Rocker Kid Rock is secretly dating “American Idol” star Kellie Pickler, according to tabloid reports.

The hitmaker showed up at the recent CMT Video Awards in Nashville, Tenn., with ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow, but he was really at the award show to be close to his new love, according to the Globe. We’ve been seeing each other for over a year.” Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, has been linked to a string of lovely ladies and was briefly married to Pamela Anderson in 2006.

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Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s cute….

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