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Obituary Archives click here Kerry Franklin Shourds ST.IGNATIUS — Kerry Franklin Shourds, 66, “Baldy” passed away at St. A member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe, he was born to Chester Ellis Shourds, Sr. He started school in Frenchtown and was a graduate of Frenchtown High School. After college he worked at Horner Waldorf pulp mill in Frenchtown.

The equity exchange theory of marketing Ruane, Sinead G (2013) Coaching the self: Identity work(ing) and the self-employed professional Ryan, Kelly C (2013) Investigation of the structure/function relationship in nickel containing superoxide dismutase Samanta, Satamita (2013) Hybrid push: A mechanistic model for initial transcription common to all RNA polymerases Sarkar, Sreela (2013) Technology and modernity at the boundaries of global Delhi Schneebaum, Alyssa (2013) The economics of same-sex couple households: Essays on work, wages, and poverty Schulze, Joshua (2013) Supporting the persuasive writing practices of English language learners through culturally responsive systemic functional linguistic pedagogy Schupack, Sara (2013) Circle and lines: Complexities of learning in community Seda-Irizarry, Ian J (2013) The political economy of cultural production: Essays on music and class Sehgal, Ray Mohan (2013) Coarse-Grained Modeling of the Phase Behavior of Thermodynamically Small Particle Assemblies Sen, Shiraj (2013) Bridging the gap between autonomous skill learning and task-specific planning Sharma, Navin Kumar (2013) Designing distributed systems for intermittent power Sharma, Upendra (2013) Elastic resource management in cloud computing platforms Shea, Christine A (2013) Using a mixture IRT model to understand English learner performance on large-scale assessments Shen, Erica Yibei (2013) Effects of chronic administration of THC on MDMA-induced physiological, behavioral, and neurochemical alterations Sherpa, Mingma Norbu (2013) Conservation governance and management of Sagarmatha (Mt. Titus, Janel (2013) Regulation of Eg5 and TPX2 during mammalian mitosis Torner, Evan (2013) The race-time continuum: Race projection in DEFA genre cinema Trabal-Del Valle, Jorge M (2013) Data quality assessment and rainfall estimation using dense radar networks Tran, Thanh T.

Eslami, Ali (2013) A non-asymptotic approach to the analysis of communication networks: From error correcting codes to network properties Fagan-Solis, Katerina D (2013) Regulation and action of SKP2 and Rho A in cell and tumor models: Investigation into the molecular mechanisms responsible for the aggressive phenotype of triple-negative breast cancer Farudi, Annahita (2013) Gapping in Farsi: A crosslinguistic investigation Feild, Henry A (2013) Exploring privacy and personalization in information retrieval applications Feng, Jiansheng (2013) Investigations of surface-tension effects due to small-scale complex boundaries Ferrolino, Mylene Castell (2013) The unavoidable threat of aggregation: implications for folding and function of a beta-rich protein Finn, Sarah (2013) Writing for Social Action: Affect, Activism, and the Composition Classroom Fitzroy, Ahren B (2013) The effects of metric strength on the allocation of attention across time Fletcher, Kingsley Atterh (2013) Perceptions of contemporary effects of colonialism among educational professionals in Ghana Floryan, Mark (2013) Evolving expert knowledge bases: Applications of crowdsourcing and serious gaming to advance knowledge development for intelligent tutoring systems Fortier, Eric (2013) Aesthetic experience in the culture of professionalism, 1890--1925 Foster, Christopher C (2013) The application of information integration theory to standard setting: Setting cut scores using cognitive theory Foulis, Stephen A (2013) Recovery from muscle fatigue in young and older adults: Implications for physical function Francescone III, Ralph A (2013) The role of YKL-40 in the progression of glioblastoma Fraser, Denia M (2013) Surviving domestic tensions: Existential uncertainty in New World African diasporic women's literature Friedlander, Holley Ann (2013) Twisted weyl group multiple Dirichlet series over the rational function field Friesen, Lowell Keith (2013) The structure of consciousness Garcia Frazier, Elena (2013) Concept-based teaching and Spanish modality in Heritage language learners: A Vygotskyan approach Ghantous, Katherine M (2013) Use of flame cultivation as a nonchemical weed control in cranberry cultivation Giri, Nitai Charan (2013) Structural investigations of early intermediates and nickel inhibition complexes of human DNA and histone demethylases Gomez-Prado, Daniel F (2013) A framework for high level synthesis using taylor decomposition system Gomez Yepes, Ricardo Leon (2013) A program evaluation of a policy intervention to increase racial diversity in the sciences and engineering Gon, Saugata (2013) Discriminatory bio-adhesion over nano-patterned polymer brushes Gonzalez-Toro, Daniella Cristina (2013) Design, synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanostructures for protein sensing and delivery Goodwin, Matthew David (2013) The fusion of migration and science fiction in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States Graichen, Adam (2013) Enhanced detection strategies accomplished through metal binding and miniature mass spectrometry Gramling, Valerie Anne (2013) From feathers to fur: Theatrical representations of skin in the medieval English cycle plays Grant, Margaret Ann (2013) The parsing and interpretation of comparatives: More than meets the eye Griffin, David M (2013) Determining structure and function in nanomaterial biocomposites Guillory, Laurice Ann (2013) An exploratory study of students and teachers attitudes toward three types of bullying: Physical, verbal and social exclusion Gu, Li (2013) Intellectual Constellations in the Postsocialist Era: Four Essays Gu, Weiyin (2013) Manipulating block copolymer self-assemblies in bulk and thin films by thermal and solvent annealing Hall, Nerissa C (2013) An investigation of the efficacy of direct and indirect AAC service provision via telepractice Hammer, Brenton A.

G (2013) Synthesis and Solution-Driven Assembly of Functional Polythiophene Derivatives Hanly, Timothy J (2013) Dynamic modeling of synthetic microbial consortia to optimize the co-fermentation of glucose and xylose Hardt, Emily E (2013) In Transition: The Politics of Place-based, Prefigurative Social Movements Harlow, Elizabeth Ann (2013) Mind the gap: Materiality of gendered landscapes in Deerfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1920 Harvey, Jacob A (2013) Clustering, reorientation dynamics, and proton transfer in glassy oligomeric solids Hassan, Ahmed Abdi (2013) Exploring educational needs arising from the influence of cultural difference in U. public schools: The focus of African refugee high school students in western Massachusetts Henningsen, Justin P (2013) Performance and Signaling in the Green Anole Lizard Herbert, Sharonne D (2013) Parent training for families of hyperactive preschool-aged children Herr, Daniel (2013) Open books on contact three orbifolds Herr, Robert S (2013) Puppets and proselytizing: Politics and nation-building in post-revolutionary Mexico's didactic theater Hetherton, Mary Beth (2013) Treatment of foundational reading skills through telepractice and face-to-face environments: Single subject design Hilyard, Gail Young (2013) Importance of trust for developmental mathematics instructors in Massachusetts community colleges: A study of its connections to math anxiety and motivation Hoffman, Lindsey (2013) Plant mechanisms associated with variations in freezing tolerance of cool-season grasses Hsu, Hao-Ting (2013) Wc1 functions as a co-receptor and a pattern recognition receptor in bovine gammadelta T cells Hu, Ming-Wen (2013) Applications of Elastic Network Model and Finite Element Analysis to Dynamics of Macromolecules Hutchison, Jaime B (2013) The effect of vesicle shape, line tension, and lateral tension on membrane-binding proteins Ingram, Brett (2013) Critical Rhetoric in the Age of Neuroscience Johnson, Seth P (2013) Characterizing distant galaxies: Spectral energy distribution analysis of X-ray selected star forming galaxies Judge, Aaron (2013) Measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of gravels using a laboratory permeameter and silty sands using field testing with observation wells Kane, Christyne A (2013) Cd4 silencing in thymocytes is opposed by the enforced association of p300 hat, hdac1 or suv39h1 with runx transcription factors Karimova, Liliya V (2013) Muslim tatar women's piety stories: A quest for personal and social transformation in Tatarstan (Russia) Kasper, Kimberly C (2013) Continuity in the face of change: Mashantucket Pequot plant use from 1675--1800 A. Kazanova, Anna (2013) Degenerations of Godeaux surfaces and exceptional vector bundles Ke, Huajie (2013) Fabrication, characterization and analysis of patterned nano-sized material with large magnetic permeability at high frequency Keisch, Deborah (2013) Searching for a praxis of possibility: Civic engagement in the corporatized university Kemkes, Robin J (2013) Sustaining rural livelihoods in upper svaneti, republic of Georgia King, Hunter (2013) Pattern formation in floating sheets Kita, Daniel W (2013) Feronia: A malectin-like domain-containing receptor kinase in Arabidopsis thaliana insights into polarized cell growth, pollen tube - Pistil interactions, and sugar signaling Kizilay, Ebru (2013) Coacervation of oppositely charged macromolecules, micelles and proteins: Disproportionation and hierarchical structures Knight, Casey (2013) The plausibility of moral error theories Kolek, Adam J (2013) "Finding the proper sequence": Form and narrative in the collage music of John Zorn Koonz, Jennifer (2013) Properties of singular schubert varieties Kosha, Jean (2013) "Miss, miss, I've got a story!

Amoroso, Jon William (2014) Reactive Probes for Manipulating Polyketide Synthases, and Photoreactive Probes for Strained Alkyne Click Chemistry Bayram, Armagan (2014) Stochastic dynamic optimization models for societal resource allocation Becker, Georg Tobias (2014) Intentional and unintentional side-channels in embedded systems Biddle, Amy Sanders (2014) Anaerobic microbes and communities in the context of soil and the equine digestive tract Clark, Daniel E (2014) Roosting, site fidelity, and food sources of urban gulls in massachusetts: Implications for protecting public water supplies Colvin, Kimberly F (2014) Effect of automatic item generation on ability estimates in a multistage test Conway, Leslie C (2014) Biophysical studies of axonal transport Crocker, Jillian M (2014) Contours of workplace resistance: Organization, collaboration, and recognition De George, Joan (2014) Individual differences in psychotherapy change among ethnic minority patients Della Pelle, Andrea M (2014) Design and syntheses of donor-acceptor dyads and triads for improved light harvesting in organic photovoltaics Dharmasiri, Kanchuka N (2014) Transgressing space and subverting hierarchies: a comparative analysis of street theatre groups in Sri Lanka, India, and the United States Dong, Jia (2014) Mass spectrometry methods for studying protein-metal binding Earnest, Evan J (2014) Investigating the role of hydromechanical coupling in shallow, fractured rock aquifers Ercan, Ilke (2014) Heat dissipation bounds for nanocomputing: Methodology and applications Feild, Jacqueline L (2014) Improving text recognition in images of natural scenes Fielding, Peter G (2014) The traditional vocal repertoire of nova scotia: A classification of pitch space Gummeson, Jeremy (2014) Exploiting energy harvesting for passive embedded computing systems Gu, Xiaodan (2014) Self-assembly of block copolymers by solvent vapor annealing, mechanism and lithographic applications He, Fei (2014) Development of capillary-driven microfludic biosensors for food safety and quality assurance Huston, Samuel (2014) Indexing proximity-based dependencies for information retrieval Javed, Nauman (2014) Interpreting sensor information in large-scale distributed cyber-physical systems Jelaca, Dijana (2014) The genealogy of dislocated memory: Yugoslav cinema after the break Kirakosian, Katharine Vickers (2014) Curious monuments of the simplest kind: Shell midden archaeology in Massachusetts (1868-2008) Kirlin, Phillip B (2014) A probabilistic model of hierarchical music analysis Laverty, Nicklaus (2014) Imperial janus: Patterns of governance in the western borderlands of the tsarist empire Laws, Holly (2014) Modeling Dyadic Attunement: Physiological Concordance in Newly Married Couples and Alliance Similarity in Patient-Therapist Dyads Li, Kai (2014) Discrete parity-time symmetric nonlinear Schrodinger lattices Madeiras, Angela M (2014) Identification and Epidemiological Features of Important Fungal Species Causing Sooty Blotch on Apples in the Northeastern United States Moseley, Dana Lynn (2014) Vocal performance in songbirds: Territorial defense and the development of male song and female mating preferences Narayana, Manjunath (2014) Probabilistic models for motion segmentation in image sequences O'Fallon, Kevin S (2014) The inflammatory response to acute muscle injury Peller, Sarah (2014) The ability of early reading measures administered in first grade to predict fourth grade reading comprehension for Puerto Rican students in English immersion Peng, Bo (2014) Theory and simulations of polyelectrolyte complexes Rana, Julie (2014) Boundary divisors in the moduli space of stable quintic surfaces Rodriguez Ayala, Idalia Aracely (2014) Loss of cell surface alpha Gal during catarrhine evolution: Possible implications for the evolution of resistance to viral infections and for Oligocene lineage divergence Sasaki, Jeffer Eidi (2014) Development and validation of accelerometer-based activity classification algorithms for older adults: A machine learning approach Simmons, Jeffrey C (2014) Methods of engine degradation assessment in the time-scale domain Souza Hogan, Maria Leda (2014) Novels of decolonization in modernity: Malambo, Um defeito de cor, and Fe en disfraz Sterner, Elizabeth Surles (2014) Photocleavable junctions in complex polymer architectures and photoetchable thermoplastics Stoppel, Whitney L (2014) Mechanical and transport properties of 3-dimensional alginate hydrogels for cell encapsulation Strohman, Anne-Marie Kathleen (2014) "A more natural mother": Concepts of maternity and queenship in early modern England Strowe, Anna (2014) "Io Scrittore": Authorial Construction in the Italian Medieval and Renaissance Novella and Its Translation into English Taylor, P (2014) Effects of auditory and visual temporally selective attention on electrophysiological indices of early perceptual processing Tsai, Tsung-Han (2014) Ionic Copolymers for Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (AAEMFCs) Wang, Feng (2014) Amphiphilic supramolecular assemblies and their applications in materials and biology White, Joseph C (2014) Strategies for improving oxygen transport and mechanical strength in alginate-based hydrogels Wong, Grace (2014) Conservation status of large mammals on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Yalniz, Ismet Zeki (2014) Efficient representation and matching of texts and images in scanned book collections Yildiz, Muslum (2014) Allosteric regulation of Dengue virus type-2 protease Zhou, Yuping (2014) Structural analysis of proteins by covalent labeling and mass spectrometric detection Abbasov, Ganisher D (2013) Evaluation of a split-root nutrition system to optimize nutrition of basil Abdul Hamid, Abd Malek (2013) Effect of total awake time on drivers' performance and evaluation of training interventions to mitigate effects of total awake time on drivers' performance Abdullah Matta, Allia (2013) Uncovering the covered word and image: Framing a Blackwoman's Diasporan stage-space Abunnasr, Maria B (2013) The making of Ras Beirut: A landscape of memory for narratives of exceptionalism, 1870-1975 Abunnasr, Yaser (2013) Climate change adaptation: A green infrastructure planning framework for resilient urban regions Akpinar, Handan (2013) Molecular crystal assembly of organic radicals and biradicals Albertine, Jennifer M (2013) Understanding the links between human health and climate change: agricultural productivity and allergenic pollen production of timothy grass(phleum pratense l.) under future predicted levels of carbon dioxide and ozone Allen-Oleet, Rebecca M (2013) Increasing middle school teachers' use of specific praise in the classroom through consultation and performance feedback Almeida, Carlos A (2013) Cabo Verde: O doce e o amargo da agua o culto das aguas -- do Mar e da Chuva -- na literatura caboverdiana do periodo Claridoso ao periodo pos-colonial Ankolekar, Chandrakant R (2013) Lactic acid bacteria mediated phenolic bioactive modulation from fruit systems for health benefits Atmuri, Anand Kumar (2013) Effect of colloidal interactions on formation of glasses, gels, stable clusters and structured films Balaban, Susan Faye (2013) Trauma and secure base behaviors in dating relationships Barish, Jeffrey A (2013) Surface modification of food contact materials for processing and packaging applications Bartlett, Michael David (2013) Scaling reversible adhesion in synthetic and biological systems Beaulieu, Michael Ruosteoja (2013) Applications of planar and patterned metal oxide nanocomposites and reactive polymer blends as gas permeation membranes Bello, Anne Pence (2013) Letters to a dictionary: Competing views of language in the reception of "Webster's Third New International Dictionary" Bendersky, Marina (2013) Particle-collector interactions in nanoscale heterogeneous systems Bennett, Delancy H.

S (2013) Taking it to the streets: A multimethod investigation of street credibility and consumer affinity toward street credible endorsers Bernardin, Thomas L (2013) Credit chains, credit bubbles, and financial fragility: Explaining the U. financial crisis of 2007-09 Berthaume, Michael A (2013) Tooth cusp radius of curvature as a dietary correlate in primates Blaise, Jean G (2013) The politics of educational inequity toward students with limited English proficiency in the age of high stakes testing accountability: A descriptive ethnographic study of Haitian youth in Boston public schools Blanco Ramirez, Gerardo (2013) Quality by association across north-south divides: United States accreditation of Mexican institutions of higher education Bokel, Felicia A (2013) Solution assembly of conjugated polymers Bolus, Rachel Theresa (2013) Birdsong variation as a source of information for migrating common yellowthroats Borketey, Sheringham Lawrence (2013) New tools for probing polyketide biosynthesis Boscardin, Adriane G (2013) Development of miniature full flow and model pipeline probes for testing of box core samples of surficial seabed sediments Boucher, Marcil J (2013) Evaluation of motor speech and intervention planning for children with autism Brady, Amy (2013) Staging the Depression: The Federal Theatre Project's Dramas of Poverty, 1935-1939 Brown, Alexandria C (2013) Honesty and carotenoids in a pigmented female fish Bueno, Cruz Caridad (2013) "A knife hidden in roses": Development and gender violence in the Dominican Republic Burrell, Julie M (2013) "Our story has not been told in any moment": Radical black feminist theatre from the old left to Black Power Carlson, Marta (2013) Framed: Native American representations in contemporary visual mediums Carroll, James G (2013) Composing the African Atlantic: Sun Ra, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and the poetics of African diasporic composition Cartright, Marc-Allen (2013) Query-time optimization techniques for structured queries in information retrieval Chacko, Reuben T (2013) Design and development of nanogels for small molecule and si RNA delivery Charoensinphon, Noppawat (2013) Inhibition of lung carcinogenesis by polymethoxyflavones Cheng, Chingwen (2013) Social vulnerability, green infrastructure, urbanization and climate change-induced flooding: A risk assessment for the Charles River watershed, Massachusetts, USA Chen, Qingliang (2013) Tradition and modernity: The discursive construction of national identity in Chinese textbooks Chen, Zuojing (2013) Computational all-electron time-dependent density functional theory in real space and real-time: Applications to molecules and nanostructures Che, Xuan (2013) How to understand credit spreads in credit default swaps Childs, Tawanna Sabrina (2013) Validation of a novel vaccine delivery system for Chlamydia trachomatis using recombinant gas vesicles derived from Halobacterium salinarium Christensen, Scott Kenneth (2013) Photo-reaction of copolymers with pendent benzophenone Clark, Shane S (2013) The security and privacy implications of energy-proportional computing Clauser, Jerome Cody (2013) Examination of the application of item response theory to the Angoff standard setting procedure Collins, Debra (2013) Marginality and emerging visibility of the altern subject: America's shifting social and cultural landscape 1940-1990 Colombo-Adams, Barbara J (2013) Media cues and gender connections: The relations between young children's media use, character familiarity, and gender knowledge Colon, German (2013) Search for Te V-scale gravity signatures in final states with leptons and jets with the ATLAS detector at s = 8 Te V Cook, Jessica L (2013) Gravitational wave production through decay of the inflaton into intermediary fields during slow roll inflation Cook, Robert Joseph (2013) Application of item response theory models to the algorithmic detection of shift errors on paper and pencil tests Copella, Jenna M (2013) Evaluating the validity of MCAS scores as an indicator of teacher effectiveness Crotts, Katrina M (2013) Evaluating the validity of accommodations for English learners through evidence based on response processes Cui, Jun (2013) Resilient polymer networks via thiol-norbornene chemistry: Mechanical and adhesive properties Currier, Alyssa R (2013) Effects of a classroom-based pre-literacy intervention for preschoolers with communication disorders Cyphersmith, Austin J (2013) Investigation of the orientation dependence on chiroptical properties of single molecules Daniello, Robert J (2013) Experimental studies of superhydrophobic surfaces in flow Delaune, Timothy A (2013) Democratizing the Criminal: Jury Nullification as Exercise of Sovereign Discretion Over The Friend-Enemy Distinction Dickert, Stefan (2013) Conductivity of gold nanoparticle thin films and magnetoresistance of metallic thin films embedded with periodic arrays of cobalt nanoparticles Divekar, Gautam (2013) External-to-vehicle distractions: Dangerous because deceiving Dragon, Toby (2013) The impact of integrated coaching and collaboration within an inquiry learning environment Ebata, Yuri (2013) Bending, wrinkling, and folding of thin polymer film/elastomer interfaces Ebtehaj, Milad (2013) Two distribution tactics for retail demand fulfillment Ekness, Paul A (2013) Ecohydrologic impacts of climate and land use changes on watershed systems: A multi-scale assessment for policy.

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(小倉奈々)-3, (小坂めぐるMeguru), (岩佐あゆみ, (巨乳中出家庭教師, (巨乳人妻外遇調教篇, (廁所門)90後公廁鬼混遭偷拍, (廣東話)雙飛推油内射, (廣東話對白), (後篇), (成人3D動畫), (投稿), (援交), (援交)(無修正)(個人撮影), (教學)自製3D眼鏡睇AV, (暫名), (最新附字幕版), (朝霧一花, (椎名ひかる), (横山みれい, (港產)隨便找一兩個演員就可以拍A片了, (無)顔だけで抜けるJKが次々と男たちに中出しされる!俺も参加させてくれ!, (無修正), (無碼), (無碼)-綾瀨蒂亞拉, (無碼)-綾瀨蒂亞拉_02, (無碼)片山葵, (無碼)狂幹美女學妹, (無碼)韓國, (無碼大波妹廣東話), (無碼日本比基尼)兩魔輪流3P兩個超美超辣模特兒, (無碼真槍實彈), (精華片段), (美山蘭子, (英語.無碼), (荒木瞳, (菅原奈緒美Naomi, (處女喪失, (西尾玲奈, (西山希, (超美)激カワ美少女, (超美少女派), (足本版), (鈴木さとみ, (關公大戰外星人), (香港)18歲初體驗, (香港)借種, (香港)天生戀襪狂, (香港)害羞的小騷貨, (香港)張淨思-冰火廚房, (香港)性感女神, (香港)牢銬的性愛, (香港)絕種賤男之愛在三級的日子(精華片段), (香港)豪情開放女-余秀瓊, (香港)豪情開放女-肖慧, (香港)赌精之旗开得性, (香港)野雞嫌幹的不夠爽, (香港)金瓶梅, (香港經典), (香港經典)Big波誘惑, (香港經典)人頭豆腐湯, (香港經典)大內密探之靈靈性性, (香港經典)孽慾追擊檔案之邪殺, (香港經典)怨婦.狂娃.瘋殺手, (香港經典)新應召女郎, (香港經典)禁室培慾之愛的俘虜, (高清)雷凱欣露點捽波, (高規格美女) 電撃降臨: 立花美涼, -Awesome, -Hot, -もつれた絆、濡れた同情, -山岡真理, -山手刊, -愛恨的三角關係-, -特別編-, -画中淫5, -若妻の艶肌…禁断の園の扉を開くのだった, -須崎由奈part, .時間暫停錶, 0002, 0003, 0005, 00428, 00473, 01(惡魔召奸篇), 01-00, , 01.接著她還突然襲擊我的肉棒, 01上_「羞___百合_____甘_」, 01李宗瑞-0408(中出多次, 01魔女的隨從人員Witchslave, 02(惡魔交輪篇), 02窮境的魔女:Witchlose, 03(惡魔娼天篇), 03-HD, 040512_287, 051012_307, 05 痴漢十人隊, 061313_926, 061413_927, 061813-363, 0626, 06早乙女ルイ, 07.927, 071213_01, 0732, 09视频MM, 0秒合体, 1-4合集, 1..., 1.七彩西遊記~豬八戒招親, 10..., 1000, 1000giri美月玲奈, 1000人斬, 1000人斬り, 1000人當中只有一人, 1003276, 100cm, 100_1017, 100_1019, 100人斬, 101cm, 1031550, 105cm, 1069, 10mu, 10中文字幕, 10代ロリカワな少女ギャルのライブチャット, 10分18秒, 10分22秒, 10分29秒, 10分鐘內射版, 10回激烈SEX, 10年CA航空勤務, 10次射精不停高潮性愛, 1104-pgd677, 110cm的巨乳, 11977, 120513yukari, 120連發特別版, 120%芽森靜的體液, 121210, 12296, 123123, 123456, 12364, 125中出降臨, 12738, 12740, 12798, 12959, 12961, 12瘋狂轟趴生中出, 130117ayumi, 130319ayumi, 13333, 134237, 13808, 13824, 13862, 13863, 14182, 14583, 14584, 148Cm, 148cmつむぎちゃん、●才。, 14904, 14986, 14988, 150cm, 15222, 15223, 15238, 15240, 15424, 15451, 15453, 154Cm, 155cm, 15721, 15722, 157cm, 158Cm, 15983, 15985, 15986, 159Cm, 15岁少女援交,超级经典, 160Cm, 16137, 161Cm, 16215, 16218, 162Cm, 16313, 16314, 16323, 163cm, 164cm, 165Cm, 167cm, 167CM美形中出輪姦, 168Cm, 169Cm, 16名女優中出, 16才高1, 16歲幼嫩國中女孩被輪奸破處, 16歲處女開苞實錄, 174896, 17573, 17分50秒, 17完壁胴體&實鏡濃厚SEX, 17岁女孩没性爱经验, 17岁的台湾小姐, 17才恭子18才, 17歲未稀, 18-1, 180分, 180分鐘, 183976, 185公分高身長女人要怎麼跟矮小男生打炮, 18carat, 18yo, 18岁哈尔滨女孩, 18才(年輕, 18歲制服美少女的AV首秀, 18歲天然巨乳美少女, 18歲嫩嫩妹妹性愛片外流, 18歲少女的性行為, 18歲漂亮女友跟我的性愛全紀錄, 18歲的美少女被破處女身, 18歲青靚白淨學生妹, 18歳尼Nina那, 1984, 1985, 19yr, 19yrs, 19歲美乳本番解禁, 19歲青春女郎, 19歳母乳新妻, 19歳清楚系無碼流出, 1of2, 1u1p9s0m6017, 1×才(仮名), 1「早紀先輩」, 1中文字幕, 1個人住的我, 1個限定AV解除禁令, 1日10回射精停止不了的性高潮SEX, 1真理4年級會計系-做愛自拍-曾譯民, 2(02), 2..., 2.17, 2.24, 2.mpg, 2.七彩西遊記-性感白骨精, 200%完全美少女AV初次亮相, 20030307, 2004-02-19.16歲, 2005, 2006年娛樂圈大事回顧-Yumiko, 2009.10, 2009日本人氣AV女優大城舞衣子得獎影片(勁咸), 2010, 2011, 2012, 20130628J30CF, 20977, 20CM超高细高长腿骚货过马路差点摔倒跟进商场买丝袜, 20 ~束縛飲精奥さん~向井法子, 20代の小柄な美形妻は整体師のツボ押し棒をキツめの膣に捩じ込まれ子犬の様な鳴き声をあげる, 20兼差的好色姐姐, 20歲北姑雞, 20歳の長身ボディ, 20歳的性愛玩偶, 21854, 21st, 21 ~天然パイパン幼妻~加納美和子, 21歳の理系大学生AVデビュー処女喪失, 21秒版, 222_Kaori, 222,李宗瑞, 22404, 22411, 22445, 23183, 23907, 23908, 23歳現役女子校生で肉々しいムチムチボデイ&巨乳のメガネ娘が乱れてもつれて淫行する, 24小時不停的合體, 24小時內與粉絲共處的性愛, 24小時馬拉松式地中出, 24時間で何人の娘と援交出来るか, 24歲美乳受付娘, 25Girl, 25才でバツイチ2児の母!雪の中で和服の下のまんこを出しながら徘徊, 26 ~精液は美貌の秘薬~, 26歲大奶美麗少妻旅館偷情, 26美少女不停的頂點潮吹, 27968, 27歲的產後AV解禁, 27酒醉發情的女將, 289-Rei, 28歲母乳人妻和游衣曝光約會, 28歳人妻當援交, 29歲[中文字幕], 29歲的女子校生, 2nd., 2∼控制不住的勃起症狀交給我們, 2「惡戲先輩」, 2个修长腿黑丝肉丝骚货大腿检验丝袜质量, 2中文字幕, 2人っきりでAV観賞SP, 2人單獨看A片, 2児の母は飢えている3, 2分35秒, 2名发育敏感巨乳少女的未成熟无毛嫩逼无套内射, 2名白板鄉下女學生, 2对情侣互换伴侣玩4P, 2度出檢診, 2時間少女, 2泊3日溫泉旅行, 2真理大學4年級會計系-曾譯民做愛自拍-口爆吞精, 2~スーパーレ, 3..., 3.七彩西遊記-蟠絲洞蜘蛛精, 30秒都插唔入, 31861, 32才美人妊婦!妊娠7か月, 32歲.---美人---, 32歲157cm B83W58H85, 32歲AV出道, 34yr, 35歳の○校2年生, 37才の美熟女・潮吹き美魔女, 38DD, 38歲H罩杯人妻志願AV出道, 38歲人妻, 38歲前模特兒人妻, 39116, 39分02秒, 3D×Julia完璧なボディと超立体映像(rki00111), 3D動畫, 3D少女, 3D玉蒲團拍攝現場, 3D肉蒲團, 3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑預告片, 3D肉蒲團第三版預告, 3D豐滿美女看片後自慰, 3D高中女生, 3P×2, 3p大战, 3P性交檢診, 3P齊齊睇 , 3some, 3sum, 3wa..., 3way, 3]女主角超惹火廣告, 3中文字幕, 3人の女教師, 3人組一起開房做愛嗎, 3仔 剝清任你睇, 3位美女在人潮洶湧街上羞恥的挑戰任務, 3個母親和女兒互相纏繞的近親女同性戀的愛憎戲劇, 3個母親和女兒互相纏繞的近親女同性戀的愛憎戲劇…, 3個背德情事, 3女齊齊上, 3姐妹辣妹們趁著父母不在家對我性騷擾後甚至還讓我擺脫處男, 3家廠商合作作品第3彈, 3対3_03, 3年B班, 3時間SPECIAL, 3時間スペシャル, 3男2女, 3男3女的6P大亂交, 3真理大學4年級會計系-做愛自拍-曾譯民, 3穴轮奸FUCK, 4-Play, 4..., 4.17.3, 4.17.31, 4.17.32, 4.20, 4.20.2, 4.rmvb, 4.七彩西遊記-反轉死亡寶塔, 40CM極級大屌挑戰, 40CM男優名叫威爾史密斯, 41kg, 48kg, 48歲繼母愛欲近親相姦生中出, 4992f8ce6b303VTS_11_1, 4997499a0a2c7fun08, 4Play, 4some, 4_02, 4~上原亜衣, 4中文字幕, 4個可愛的爆乳護士, 4對情侶女方被強制XX, 4時間4本番SPECIAL, 4時間SP2, 4真理大學4年級會計系-做愛自拍-曾譯民, 4矮小的痴汉队(骑兵), 5.七彩西遊記-火艷鐵扇公主, 50000cc, 505號房, 50人4時間A, 50人4時間B, 50代…人生最後的決斷…安野由美, 50名人妻子的淫亂生活, 50歲第3章, 52981, 5530尋找喝醉在街頭無力返家的美女, 59105168, 5923686627, 5中文字幕, 5人10個, 5位女學生羞怯和叔叔共參歡喜禪sdms990c, 5名巨乳素人女孩, 5真理大學4年級會計系--曾譯民舔到男友口爆自拍, 5週年紀念作品, 6.七彩西遊記-情迷女兒國, 652345, 6855, 694-本番出張嬢?VOL6嬢はぶっちゃけどうなの, 6中文字幕, 6真理大學生4年級會計系-做愛自拍-曾譯民, 720P, 75∼美淑女之初攝, 75~美淑女之初攝~, 7真理大學4年級會計系-做愛自拍, 7部3_02, 80後漂亮人妻自拍艷照和視頻流出2, 85D制服(中出), 87cm Fcup, 8分03秒, 9-Fun-Fun, 90cm Fcup, 90cm Gcup, 90后_慈溪职高摸奶门, 90后女孩视频艳舞, 90后懵懂学生妹拿手插小穴根本不满足再拿圆珠笔插, 90后正妹被干的高潮, 90后美女KTV发疯BB吸烟, 90后美女打炮自拍, 90后超嫩女友肛交自拍,还被要求把小妹妹掰开(国语对白), 90后非主流厕所做爱自拍套刺激太精彩, 90後國際乳模Kate, 90後好色妹妹, 90後小護士,好漂亮, 90後拯救Thisav大行動, 90後的性福生活, 926)上原亜衣, 93cm, 97cm溢出, 99cm, 99cm Iカッ-里中結衣, 9月20日, 9月最新女学生惨遭轮奸事件, @YOU, a..., Aaliyah, Abbey, Abbeys, Abbie, Abbraccio, Abby, ABC/妄想族)看到了兒子的大肉棒…水野朝陽, ABC與老外就地正法, abella, About, ABP-049, ABP-067, ABS-042, ABS-102, ABS-115, abs071-cd1, ABS217, Absolute, Absolutely, abuse, abused, accent, accept..., Access, accid..., Accidental, Accosted, ACE026, Ackerman, Acky, Acky!, Acrobatic, across, ACT 23, ACT-1「燃燒, ACT-2「決戰, act..., Act.1, ACT.21, ACT.25, ACT.32, ACT.41, ACT.50, ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, ACT32, ACT4, ACT5, acti..., Acting, actio..., action, action..., Actions, Ad..., Adams, Adamson, Addams, Addiction, Addiso..., Addison, Addition, Adiana, ADM1N, Admirer, adolescents, Adorable, Adore, Adreanna, Adrenalynn, Adriana, Adrianna, Adriano, adult, adultery, Advantage, Advent, Adventure, adventures, Advice, Aero-BOOB-ic, affair, affair2, affairs, Africa, African, After, Afterhours, Afternoon, again, Age35, Age38, Agency, agent, Agrees, Ahryan, Aiba], Aidan, Aiden, AIKA, Aiko, AINA, aint, Airbags, Airi, airline, Airlines, Airu, Aishiteru, Aiuchi, Aizawa, aizen, Akane, Akari, AKB48團員山口里子(中西里菜)第一波AV預告公開!, AKBS-003, AKBの研究生にいそうな童顔激カワ巨乳美少女, Akiho, Akikawa, Akiko, Akina, Akira, Akiyana, Al..., AL.

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