Itemupdating e newvalues

Itemupdating e newvalues

Well, after a lot of trial and error and hours googling and reading messages forums I finally found the answer.Before I go into what I needed to do to fix it, I’ll give a little bit of background. The Object Data Source maps to our business logic layer for the Select, Insert and Update methods.This is because I need to remove one of the providers that are populated in the custom control on the server.I have to remove the Libraries provider, because it uses binary data. = "Libraries") The custom control: Here I inherited from the Simple Control class and overrode the Layout Template Path.As some of the providers like Generic Content and Wiki have different metakeys for the "Title", I had to dynamically change the Grid Bound Column value inside Grid's Pre Render event handler and then rebind the grid.

I created a new property for the provider name which gets the value from the Rad Combo Box Selected Item.We will bound a Details View control to a Sql Data Source for simplicity reason you can use any data source control ... After configuring the pet Shop Sql Data Source and enable update, insert and delete we set the Details View Data Source Id to our pet Shop Sql Data Source Id and so the Details View now have 3 fields bound to Category table.To clarify this take a look into what's happen on the Item Updating event, if we checked the e. Keys collection before we set the Name filed as read-only filed we will find that this collection contains two Items: The Details View will not pass the read-only fields to the underlying data source and this is not an issue Details View designed like this.In the following blog post I'm going to show you how to create a custom control that uses one of the most powerful controls form Telerik. The control will allow you to populate the Rad Grid with items from different Generic Content providers and then manipulate the items from Sitefinity's front-end. NET AJAX and its functionality to Insert/Update/Delete content items.

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First we need to create a template for our custom control.

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