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If only there was something -- anything -- else about this broad, clunky comedy to keep its name from being an oh-so-obvious punchline.

Vardalos plays Georgia, an uptight tour guide who’s lost her “kefi,” which is Greek for “mojo.” It certainly doesn’t help that all day, she schleps obnoxious tourists around Athens, attempting with increasing futility to expose a culture beyond the gift shops.

In December of 2004, Mark had the opportunity to share the stage with "Mr.

Las Vegas" himself - Wayne Newton - at Cleveland's Palace Theater!

Naturally, the knowledge she imparts pales in comparison to the lessons these two teach her as they head from site to sight.

Director Donald Petrie doesn’t have much to brag about here, but at least he gives us some nice scenery to look at.Los Angeles-based creator and showrunner Andrew Orenstein based the comic situation of three dysfunctionally-close brothers — Danny (Randal Edwards), Ryan (Jay Malone) and Sheldon (Harland Williams) — and the woman — Kim (Julia Voth) — who comes between them on his own Toronto family.The 3rd Rock from the Sun, Malcolm in the Middle sitcom writer/producer says he wrote the Package Deal pilot in an L. Starbucks after his American wife suggested it to get him out of the house once they became new parents. with the top choices for the three brothers and youngest brother’s new girlfriend flown to L. for a day of “grueling chemistry reads” on video-tape.How many of you hurt yourselves laughing at standup comic Harland Williams’s antics at a Burnaby live-taping of Package Deal’s second season?You’ll get a chance to see how those laughs for Williams and the rest of Package Deal’s all-Canadian cast translate to the screen when season two premieres on CITY this Friday night.

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He never stays on a particular subject too long - he shifts his show's gears from tattoos to golf...then, on to "dating grandmothers" and breast implants!

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