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Etc need updating gentoo

The RCS will want to act on a single directory tree, but in most cases our configuration files are spread out over the file system. (The portage “world” file, a record of everything installed on your system, for instance, is in /var/lib/portage.) What we do is create a directory called /server-rcs that will be managed by the RCS, and in that directory is copies or links to all of the configuration files on the system.(use --oneshot for things you don't want to add in to the world file, like system libs for example).There are the occasional changes that just break a is my simplistic weekly reporting toolset.Most packages will take note and your system will be made into one harmonious whole of software agreeing with each other about what should be used and what should not.The easiest way to describe the benefits of this is by comparison to a normal Free BSD server and the installation process. Suddenly, X11 becomes a dependency and you find yourself hitting Ctrl-C rapidly! As we have mentioned in this blog before, there is an excellent forum for Gentoo users.Now you can follow the guide for building Neo Mutt.

You may need to restart services such as My SQL and Apache if updated by emerge tool.

This essay describes a practice for maintaining a Gentoo Linux distribution using GLCU, Subversion, and Trac that is lightweight (doesn’t impose a large burden on the sysadmin staff), effective (although it is lightweight it better documents and makes accessible the state of our systems over the oral history tradition), and cheap (no operating budget dollars were harmed in the creation of this process — only staff time overhead).

The first step is to put the system configuration files into a revision control system (RCS).

Note that it's always easier to do if you keep up to date regularly rather than going for monolithic batch updates every couple of months.

Also, to avoid too many surprises, you might find it helpful to subscribe to one of the mailing lists like (WARNING: ~100 mails a day on this list) since pretty much any major update issues are likely to show up on the list with plenty of discussion explaining how to solve them.

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An RCS allows us to track the history of files by storing information about changes such as the date/time a change was made, what the change was, who made it, and a free-text field explaining why the change was made.

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