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However, at the same time in most episodes Will Smith relentlessly mocks his cousin Carlton for being so short.

There is an irony in trying to defend one minority, while attacking another for an easy source of humour.

It’s the thought that reminds us we are alone– no one understands us. I left my year in Israel with a deep love and commitment to Judaism; however, upon returning to the U.

S, I found my community became overly focused on finding me a “shidduch.” I started to feel like I was suddenly defined by my dating prospects and what I “offered” so to speak.

I think naturally built into our psyche is the need for human connection. With this inescapable understanding, it has always concerned me, this external pressure, of needing to peer up and find your “other half.” Clearly I know that I am lonely and I want to be understood.

That’s the thing most people have trouble understanding.

It’s hard to not be at least a little obsessed with guys.

After all, we are wired to fantasize about the perfect guy who will sweep us off our feet.

I just use my experiences working on "Life's Too Short" as a jumping off point to talk about heightism in modern society.

One point I make is how hypocritical some comedy can be; for instance The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (not very topical, but a reference most people know) highlights a lot of good points about how black people can face discrimination, especially in affluent areas.


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