Dating your male roommate

Although you might not want to complicate things, you will need to take steps to deal with the situation for your own sake.‘Never have sex with someone you live with,’ a friend warned, as I pondered the loveliness of my new housemate’s swirly green eyes. Nobody wants to wake up in a hungover, post-coital haze to find their previous night’s mistake clipping nose hair in the communal bathroom. Some might argue that relationships are even harder when you are living together.Depending on how often you seen them, you might not be able to form an assessment of a prospective partner’s personality for up to a year after you get together – and that’s OK. And if you are one of those freaky couples who lived together first and then fell in love, spill your guts in the comments section.

In the beginning, it’s nice to have someone to come home to after a long day.

But 24 hours a day seven days a week is a lot of time to spend with someone.

Think how annoyed you got living with siblings or naggy parents. You’ll find out about all the things they do that would probably have been kept secret until a year into a normal relationship, like how many days they’ll wear the same pair of pants for or how often they masturbate.

And be warned: When you live together it’ll be much harder to hide under a duvet fort of mascara-stained pizza boxes whilst belting out snivelley renditions of ‘Someone Like You’. Without a plan, it’s easy to slide into a hairy legged comfort zone before you’ve really had a chance to get to know each other.

So make sure you’re both on the same page before you squeeze your bum into circulation restricting underwear and start doing your sex dance. ‘FESS UP TO YOUR HOUSEMATES Sneaking in and out of each other’s rooms has as excitement threshold of about a week.

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