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He is constantly texting/calling throughout the day, narrating to you that he’s busy daydreaming about you, and is more than willing to meet you every now and then popping up unannounced. Think of it, either the man is just trying to get hooked on, or he’s so in need of a woman. Friends no more: Does he bail out on his friends even after they had made plans just so that he could see you?Well, at first this may sound really sweet of him, but as time goes by you notice he cancels every single plan with his friends just for you, that’s an initial Mr. He will soon expect you to be dropping your plans just for him. Tells you what to do: This normally starts innocently and then at some point you are warned against talking to your friends, going out, dressing in certain clothes etc.The non-needy guy approaches her, has a five-minute conversation and takes her phone number.Even though he is content that he just got the number of such a beautiful girl, he continues to do what he wanted to do before he met her.Maybe you occasionally ask for his advice and let him open the pickle jar. Look back on previous relationships (short or long) and answer these questions: If you are surrounded by buddies…if men only want to use you or take from you, or you’re completely man-less…listen up! Have you had the experience of always being the giver? You also make and keep boundaries, expect him to keep his word and expect to be treated like the special woman you are. When you ask for nothing, that’s exactly what you get. When the man starts giving you ultimatums, he’s just started off with being needy.

Do you get so excited about a new friendship or relationship that you bombard the other person with attention, only to find that the person starts to seem distant?

(Or, like most women you would LOVE to have a man to lean on, but you don’t like you do.) Mr. He may sleep with you or be your friend…but he won’t marry you.

If you don’t leave room for a man to be your hero, and you don’t show that you know you’re worthy of him, he will leave before you can say “Why didn’t he call? It is a gift to allow someone to give to you.) Isn’t it funny?

When he gets her number he feels like the king of the world.

He instantly imagines moving together with her and starting a family.

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The mantra "I have everything I need" is essential, for I know the power of thought.

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