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Mendana was followed by missionaries, traders, labour recruiters and colonial administrators from many countries in Europe and Asia.In 1893, the British declared a protectorate over some of the islands in response to the German annexation of others.In a few cases there may have been different registrants for the same string under // org, where there was a “collision” of this sort a preference was given the Registrant that registered first or to a Solomon Islands entity.The expiry date of the new second level domains matches the expiry date of the third level domains.The policy change will allow anybody to register in addition to current sb,,

In the first half of the 1500s, Italian metallurgist Vannoccio Biringuccio wrote the alchemical work: “Concerning Antimony and Its Ore.” He describes antimony sulfide as either “a monstrosity among metals” or “a material that is about to reach metallic perfection, but is hindered from doing so by being mined too soon.” [This was not chemistry as we know it!It is likely that the Roman author Pliny used the name stibium in the first century AD.We get the modern element symbol for antimony, Sb, from the word stibium.If an application is rejected the applicant will receive a full refund. In order to ensure the policy change does not have negative implications for existing SB domain name holders, all registrants in the,, or version have been given a complimentary period to use their existing domain name at the second level without any payment.If you would like to become an accredited registrar please contact Solomon Telekom at [email protected] By way of example, for registrants of “sb” Telekom have created “”, as a courtesy, and delegated it to the same servers as sb.

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