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Dance Classes are a series of classes conducted over the span of a few weeks (eg 10 consecutive weeks), where singles can learn a dance, exercise, mingle and get to know one another over the span of a few weeks. Indulge in an in-depth excursion into Tango to learn moves that can wow your partner on the dance floor in this 4 week course which will end with a party! We are planning a leisurely 15 km ride from Bukit Merah Central to the Marina Barrage and back. We do leisurely runs along Mac Ritchie Park (and other parks), split into groups of 3 & 5km and with games and interactions before and after the runs or along the way!

They are designed in such a way that you can start class anytime (they are not consecutive classes). Salsa: its hot spicy rhythm forces feet to fly and hips to sway to the beat. Includes games and chances for making new friends during stops in [email protected] School of Dance.

It occurred to me that the dance community needed a better method of connecting.

With the success of internet dating sites I felt the same concept could be applied to dance partnering. Not a dating site per se, but patterned after them, a dancer can enter their profile: dance styles, experience, height, weight, age, postal code, photos, etc.

Ken is excited about the rapid growth of this project and looks forward to what the future may hold. As a dancer of 15 years, one common problem I noticed for myself and friends over the years was the frustration we all shared in finding an appropriate dance partner.

I am a competitive ballroom dancer and there were periods in my career that I spent well over a year looking for an appropriate partner, spending countless hours traveling to other studios, talking to coaches, and trying to hook up with someone by word-of-mouth.

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This allows participants to meet up with friends of similar interests and at the same time meet new people trying out the event for the first time. Indulge in an in-depth excursion into Salsa to learn moves that can wow your partner on the dance floor in this 4 week course which will end with a party!

Examples are Salsa, Tango, Yoga, Zouk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rumba, etc.

If you’re looking for a dance partner, look no further than

It is a comprehensive and easy to use website where dancers are able to find partners in all styles of dancing.

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