Computer keeps updating shutdown the dating game by natalie standiford

Computer keeps updating shutdown

You go to shut off your computer, and rather than just shut down, it decides it’s time to install a bunch of updates.So you wait and wait while this happens, all the while wondering why your computer is forcing you to stand there and watch it until it says you can go. Don’t get me wrong – Windows Updates are important.In rare situations, your Mac may do one or more of the following: spontaneously restart, become unresponsive, turn off, display a message "Your computer restarted because of a problem." or display a message "You shut down your computer because of a problem." In rare instances, OS X may encounter an unrecoverable issue affecting all open apps. This is sometimes due to what is known as a "kernel panic" because an underlying part of the operating system (the "kernel") has determined there is an issue that requires a restart.If your computer experiences a kernel panic, a message may appear for a few seconds explaining that the computer has been restarted: "Your computer restarted because of a problem.If she can shut down in safe mode, then that would mean that something is running that is causing it to reboot.

In a few rare cases, a Windows Update has been known to cause a problem, but that’s very uncommon.

If you believe the issue may have been caused by one of the apps that you were using, click Cancel instead.

If you don't click anything for 60 seconds, OS X automatically continues as if you had clicked Open.

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Leo says It could be a mechanical failure like a shorted on/off button that keeps turning itself back on.

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