Carbon dating pottery

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fats, waxes and resins) preserved in surface residues or the fabric of single potsherds, representative of single vessels, was a powerful method for ascertaining pottery use, with a high degree of specificity.By examining over 2000 specimens of excavated carbonized extraneous matter on Jomon Period pottery, and dwellings found mainly in Japan, I have been able to estimate the actual age of Jomon and Yayoi Period pottery, order them chronologically and draw up a timeline.(Fig.1) With numerous forms of chronological research, the fine, relative sequencing of Jomon pottery, not seen anywhere else on earth, becomes clear and the results of carbon dating reveal no inconsistencies with the pottery timeline.The imposing Judahite fortress of Khirbet Qeiyafa has been securely dated by pottery and radiocarbon analysis to the early tenth century B. Proponents of low Bible chronology, called minimalists, claim the transition occurred around 920 to 900 B. Proponents of a high Bible chronology put the date around 1000 to 980 B. Some scholars have asked if radiocarbon dating accuracy will help settle the question. Radioactive carbon-14 is used to analyze an organic material, such as wood, seeds, or bones, to determine a date of the material’s growth. Did they live in the archaeological period known as Iron Age I, which is archaeologically poorly documented, or in Iron Age IIa, for which more evidence is available.

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Subsequent developments saw a significant change in scale, with studies often involving lipid analyses of tens to hundreds of potsherds per archaeological assemblage, providing information that extended beyond pottery use.

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