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In particular, it describes a time when God catastrophically destroyed the earth and essentially all its life.

The only consistent way to interpret the geological record in light of this event is to understand that fossil-bearing rocks are the result of a massive global Flood that occurred only a few thousand years ago and lasted but a year.

By the year 2100, the atmosphere will have a radiocarbon age of 2,000 years old. If Graven's calculations are correct, carbon dating as we know it today will no longer be reliable by the year 2030.

The chemist who developed carbon dating, Willard Libby, won the Nobel Prize for his work.

Cosmic rays enter the earth's atmosphere in large numbers every day and when one collides with an atom in the atmosphere, it can create a secondary cosmic ray in the form of an energetic neutron.

When these energetic neutrons collide with a nitrogen-14 (seven protons, seven neutrons) atom it turns into a carbon-14 atom (six protons, eight neutrons) and a hydrogen atom (one proton, zero neutrons).

This method is useful for archaeologists working in areas where volcanic eruptions have left layers of ash above and below an archaeological deposit.

The volcanic layers can be dated, and the archaeological material will date to the period between those two volcanic eruptions.

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Since Nitrogen gas makes up about 78 percent of the Earth's air, by volume, a considerable amount of Carbon-14 is produced.

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