Xperia u email not updating opinions on madating hpv vaccine

I installed google calendar thinking that it will update the existing calendar. When I go in calendar app Settings-"Calendars to Sync". When I to calendar app Settings-"Calendars to Sync". I select those and hit ok and still no google calendar. I rebooted the phone, I went to settings, all apps, calendar, stop, delete data. Now the native calendar app does not sync to google calendars. I hit Calendars to Sync again, This time I see google calendars but un selected. Now delete data and disable "Calendar" and "Calendar Storage" apps. Now google calendar was working, but exchange calendar stopped syncing. Sony is also pretty liberal when it comes to bootloaders, so those with the inclination for root can try their luck with custom ROM scene.If you've still got one of these phones, it might be time for an upgrade anyway.After a month or two, Sony rolled out ICS update for its flagship devices & subsequently for middle range devices. Now by fixing the bugs & issues like random lag & resource management, theyve pushed another ICS update with 6.1.1. But with Flashtool (firmware flashing tool for all Xperias), you can apply it to any unbranded / unlocked Xperia U worldwide.As we all know that theyve taken a bit long time to release ICS updates, it may not be tolerable. Sony started upgrading Xperia U ST25i to ICS in September12. Android 4.0.4 ICS update has improved performance & stability over Gingerbread.Sony has also significantly reduced some of the bloat from the Xperia U's original build.

All these devices were launched with Gingerbread 2.3.7 on board (Xperia Tipo is exceptional).I do not see google calendars (only device and my exchange cal). I hit Calendars to Sync again, This time I see google calendars but un selected. My problem was a bit different, I have 4 google calendars and one was missing in the app...Please follow this guide completely at your own risk.We won’t be held responsible if you damage your device while following this guide.

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Anyone using the Gmail widget and finding the widget doesn't show new mail, it just shows the mail that was there when the widget was added.

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