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Now just some optional things under the security tab there is an option to clear saved emails.If you are on a family computer where you are really the only person who plays the game and don't really have anyone in your household to hide anything from you don't need to clear the saved emails whenever you exit the client or game.These auras are replacements for some of the same auras that I used before – only with new looks.I’ll probably add some more over the next week or so, but I didn’t want to delay the update any further. 😉 Other than the change to Weak Auras, the only other thing that’s different is the addition of that mini trap bar just above my pet bar.Now keep me logged in and save email address this also will depend if you are playing wow on a system that you do not own which I think it doesn't take to much thought to rule out never leave yourself logged into a system that you do not own.I’ve uploaded my updated UI compilation to Wo WInterface.

So this tutorial isn't going to be a deep networking tutorial, or how to fix problems with your internet connection, nope.Anyone who has customized their text will not be affected by this change and the shortened form only kicks in once values reach 10,000.v1.10.11:- Updated TOC for Ice HUD_Options module- Fixed custom stack counters in graphical mode tracking spell charges failing to update when the maximum number of charges changes (such as with a talented 2-charge Demon Hunter Throw Glaive)v1.10.10.1:- Fixed the old energy ticker showing up in 7.1.v1.10.10:- Updated TOC for 7.1- Re-enabled Player Absorb by default by popular demand.v1.10.9:- Added support for the Scale setting on mirror bars and extended the mod-wide scale setting to a range of 20%-200% (ticket #228).- Fixed Runes module causing a memory leak.- Added a toggle to cause Runes to display the same way as combo points: show a series of icons that empty and fill back up based on the number of runes available.- Added a toggle to cause Runes to display as just a number of available runes.- Added an option to keep Runes displayed on the screen whether you have a target or not if not all runes are recharged.- Added display of the player's current absorb amount to the top of the health bar. Disabled Player Absorb by default because of this addition.v1.10.8:- Fixed combo points sometimes showing a max of 5 when it should show a max of 6.- Added coloration to the Roll The Bones module for how many Rt B buffs the player has active (ticket #227, thanks Zahariel!).v1.10.7:- Added an option to Player Mana to allow scaled mana color gradients to be used on classes that don't use Mana.- Added a user-submitted Roll The Bones module (ticket #220, thanks Zahariel!If you've got a more up-to-date list of any of the CCs, please send them along to [email protected]- Fixed a problem that could cause a custom counter to loop forever and cause framerate problems.(ticket #230)- Updated default text values for Health and Mana modules to show values in shortened form so they're more readable.

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