Why women play games dating best dating site in china

Why women play games dating

So as a way to find they play games as a way to test that.....basically to test a guy in seeing if they truly are interested in them. One example I previously mentioned in the first paragraph, when a girl at a bar shows interest in you but then suddenly runs off to talk to other people and your wondering what the heck just happened, she is actually seeing if you will now come to chase her...see if you REALLY are interested in her.

In other words when a women plays a game it is often a good thing, it often means the girl does like you.

And in this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that.

WHAT IS GAME PLAYING If your a guy going out on the dating field looking for relationship, you may often find women will play games.

Like all men NT or AS you may have encountered times where women you have dated have did things that you didn't understand why. a girl may come up and show signs that she clearly liked you and then the next moment suddenly showed signs of disinterest and you felt like you did nothing wrong, you said the right things, wore the right cloths, and did the right things.

She'll tell you a lot more than you should know, and sometimes, she'll tell you more than you want to know.

Sometimes, she'll even let you know about guys she finds attractive.

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Often the reasons why these things happen sometimes is called game playing.

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