Who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

He already told me 20 years of booze and narcotics have done the same damage to his teabags as his eyebags, so much as I love him dearly I will have to find another donor for the the “Mad as Bat Shit Blair Witch Cloning Project”.FA (the Famous Actor) is an absolute caddish skallywag who has apparently already fathered one love child out of wedlock (sometime between seeing me and playing golf he found time to biff some other bird – the swine! He may well be the most unfaithful, uncommitted boyfriend ever but at least he has some juice in the tank.The most important thing, of course, was the naming ceremony.After checking with Michaelangelo (my dog) and Saint Squeakilicious (chief mouser) I called the Vicar for a christening of the chicks who are now known as: On Tuesday I had to reach for the brandy when a ghastly bank statement landed on my beautiful cashmere welcome mat. Last time I mentioned my impoverished situation the editor bollocked me after readers sent in donations, which was inappropriate (apparently). I could tell he fancied me, given it was gloomy and I’d made an effort. This week I took delivery of six glorious, soft haired chickens. They are threatened when a wife is too perfect, too famous, too powerful, on the cover of Vogue just once too often. Just about everyone in showbiz knows who the errant men are, but the papers avoid naming them for fear of lawsuits. I think I've probably got two people still in my life. There are several stars reputedly entertaining women who are not their wives.

’), he said, ‘You’ve worn them before.’ ‘At least I’m not wearing a mauve leather blouson,’ I said. UPDATE: There are two celebrity couples apparently with equal claims to be the Mr. All cheekbones and eyelashes, Isobel Davies has that just-fell-out-of-bed glamour so typical of French film stars and anyone who dated a Rolling Stone in the 1960s.A pioneering ethical entrepreneur, she now runs two vegetarian brands and an award-winning fashion label.Chances are you’re not a cow, a sheep, or a hen, but if you’re a politically-motivated vegan, you’d be fully forgiven for praising the day she was born.

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