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The kiss was definitely not one bit romantic, by the way.

Get read to cringe: She said she was playing a game of spin the bottle when she was in the sixth grade.

He sits on the fence on every issue and nobody knows where he stands on anything.

He is a wet fish and is constantly wriggling on the political issues of the day.” The person also alleged to the private detectives, who were posing as journalists: “The only reason Jonathan was elected in the first place is that his father was close to John Major and so party members voted for him as a favour to John Major.

She told W Magazine that she spun the bottle then there was suddenly "what felt like a wet fish" in her mouth. She would not reveal who this person was that put a "wet fish" in her mouth.

She then went on to say that in sixth grade, there is just no art to kissing.

If I had've wanted a cold, wet fish I would've reached into the fish tank a few feet away and got one!

Fish oil supplements are pointless for everyone except heart failure sufferers, a new study claims.

A collection of satirical letters to Thatcher, Cliff Richard and even the Queen could sell for £4,000.Researchers at the American Heart Association found the pills do wonders for those recovering from a heart attack - and protected them from further complications.However, they recorded little to no benefits in healthy people.'We cannot make a recommendation to use omega-3 fish oil supplements for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease at this time,' said Dr David Siscovick, lead author of the new advisory.'People in the general population who are taking omega-3 fish oil supplements are taking them in the absence of scientific data that shows any benefit of the supplements in preventing heart attacks, stroke, heart failure or death for people who do not have a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease,' Dr Siscovick said.Writing under the name Henry Root, the letters were collected in a cult-classic book.In a letter to the Queen he asked why she didn’t consider closing things as well as opening things like new libraries and flyovers. Tricking his recipients into thinking he was a retired wet-fish merchant, Donaldson third wife stored the archive in several boxes for years. I appreciate that under the constitution you cannot poke your nose into things too directly, but I do have a small suggestion to make.

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To Harriet Harman he asked why ‘should an attractive lass like you want to confuse her pretty little head with complicated matters of politics, jurisprudence, sociology and the so-called rights of citizens? You’re always opening things: hospitals, schools, theatres, factories, fly-overs, playgrounds, etc. I have in mind such blemishes on the face of our society as The National Liberal Club, BBC 2, Soho’s ‘foreign’ cinemas and so-called massage parlours, the National Council for Civil Liberties, subversive periodicals such as ‘The New Statesman’ and ‘Time Out’, which are devoted to the understanding and our British institutions.

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