Vb net dataadapter not updating dating lover couple america

Vb net dataadapter not updating

The code I am working with is Public Sub New() Initialize Component() End Sub Private Sub bound Check Box_Checked Changed(sender As System.

Checked) ' this is for diagnostic purposes only End Sub Public Overloads Overridable Function Update(By Val data Table As bound Test Data Set.control Settings Data Table) As Integer Return Me. Update(data Table) End Function 'bound Check Box ' Me.bound Check Box.

Setting it to 1 disables batch updates, as rows are sent one at a time.

Executing an extremely large batch could decrease performance.

Sql Command command Type=2 records Affected=1 row=System.

Setting the Update Batch Size to a positive integer value causes updates to the database to be sent as batches of the specified size.

Bound Test Data Set.control Settings) Call diagnostic Check(bound Check Box.

Control Settings Binding Source, "check Box Setting", True)) Me.bound Check Box.

I would think that I would be able to edit a cell, hit enter, and have the changes committed to the database. Here is the relevant code in the file: // // search DGV // this.search DGV. Allow User To Delete Rows = false; this.search DGV. to retrieve all of a table takes time, especially if there are many rows in the table.This is because accessing the database, locating and processing the data, and then transferring the data to the client is time-consuming. For most applications, these provide a convenient representation of data source information.When I run, I have traced it using SQL profiler and can see that the insert command is being ran correctly, but the update command isn't being ran at all, which is the crux of the problem.I am working with a SQL Data Adapter (sql Da) and on the click of a checkbox event the sql Da should run an update command.

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The code is called, but the update event doesnt actually fire and I am unsure why.

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