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The following code is fine, but ugly as the devil himself. It’s an abstract class and it takes two template parameters, which make it look highly ferocious and puts most people off using it. Let’s take a look at some code that just runs a background thread. If we want to update the GUI from another thread, we should use Swing Utilities to schedule our update code to run on the event dispatch thread.Sets or gets the letter that should look like a keyboard alternative.This is helpful when a label describes a component (such as a text field) that has a keyboard alternative but cannot display it.Well, the would be a JLabel or JText Field or something of that ilk— it doesn't matter terribly much.

Label alignment simply determines where, inside the label's painting area, the label's contents are positioned.

If the component is interactive and has a certain state, use a button instead of a label. label1 = new JLabel("Image and Text", icon, JLabel. When this occurs, you can improve your program's accessibility by using the Note: In the following API, do not confuse label alignment with X and Y alignment.

By specifying HTML code in a label's text, you can give the label various characteristics such as multiple lines, multiple fonts or multiple colors. If you need to paint the label's background, it is recommended that you turn its opacity property to "true". Image Icon icon = create Image Icon("images/middle.gif"); . CENTER); //Set the position of the text, relative to the icon: label1Vertical Text Position(JLabel. CENTER); label2 = new JLabel("Text-Only Label"); label3 = new JLabel(icon); method is similar to that used throughout this tutorial. X and Y alignment are used by layout managers and can affect the way any component — not just a label — is sized or positioned.

In our introduction to threading with Swing, we said that any updates to the user interface must happen on the event dispatch thread.

So from any other thread— in practice, that means code that isn't called directly from an event handler— we must specifically arrange for our GUI update code, and generally only that code, to be called on the event dispatch thread.

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