Updating datetime

Updating datetime

When I update a boolean column in the table I still get the same error: When I only update the datetime column it succeeds 100% of the time so far using the REST console.

It fails all the time when I am updating a row with both the Date Time and boolean columns types in the same request.

For me, created At and updated At are not for the consumer of the table but for the DB to help provide built in row tracking.

If the db provides the facility, it is much nicer to use it.

Tried several different ways but field keeps updating to "0000-00-00 ".

column definitions can specify the current timestamp for both the default and auto-update values, for one but not the other, or for neither.

The default Style values – Style 0 or 100, 9 or 109, 13 or 113, 20 or 120, and 21 or 121 – always return the century (yyyy) format.

— Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL date and datetime formats — Date time formats – mssql datetime — MSSQL getdate returns current system date and time in standard internal format — Result: Dec 29 2012 AM ———— — SQL Server date and time functions overview ———— — SQL Server CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function — SQL Server datetime functions — local NYC – EST – Eastern Standard Time zone — SQL DATEADD function – SQL DATEDIFF function ———— — T-SQL Date and time function application — CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and getdate() are the same in T-SQL ———— — SQL first day of the month — SQL first date of the month — SQL first day of current month – 2012-01-01 .000 /* Orders with Order Dates ‘2004-03-15 .000’ – 1 second after midnight (AM) ‘2004-03-15 .000’ – 1 minute after midnight ‘2004-03-15 .000’ – 1 hour after midnight are not included in the two queries above.

I originally reported this problem at: The error also happens in the REST console.:) @rquadling I think, the field can be populated by either the database engine or the application.Making it portable across different database engines is not as easy as making it updated by the application.In the request workflow I need it to update the date/time fields if All Day is true.I know who to check the condition, my problem is with updating the date/time.

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Hi all, I have created a table in which i have a Date Time Column .

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