The 7 deadly sins of online dating doc

So what influence has the digital revolution had on our morals and our values?probes this question on the basis of the classic seven deadly sins, making use of the communications possibilities offered by the Internet: videos, posts and polls.The taped pieces then focus on individual cases that demonstrate different forms of unorthodox or fetishistic behavior: A 700-pound woman whose work revolves around her weight, and the man who desires her; men who like dressing up in rubberized suits that approximate a woman’s body, and the company that sells them; an honest-to-God fight club; and a man who markets dildos modeled after, among other things, horses and dogs.

Serving as host from what looks like the old “Night Gallery” set, Spurlock guides viewers through out-there examples of each vice, from gluttony to lust, envy to wrath.Dentists overdiagnose and overdo treatment plans because they want to do what's best for their finances, not what's best for their patients.The invention of the Internet is the most significant event in the history of mankind since the Industrial Revolution.“You like what you like because your brain is hard-wired that way,” the guy explains.Four sins were screened (greed, sloth and pride remain), and the producers were wise to limit each to a half-hour, given the somewhat flimsy nature of the material.

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You can't have a pity party about graduating $350,000 in debt to become a dentist, then go out and get excited about buying a $350,000 house. Investor Warren Buffett lived for years in the same house he's had since 1958, while some dentists with student loan debt already live in houses that are bigger than their parents' and grandparents' houses combined!

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