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We've come up with a solution to both problems at the same time.

In Sissy Baby Roulette, Mommy and I will play a number of games over a two week period with a big board to keep track of who is winning--each time we win a game, we get points for the week and fill in a slot on the board.

The writer begins by examining two other words which, according to her, are similar, but subtly different in construction: “asshole”, and “jerk”.

(In case it is not clear, what follows is not Clarisse’s own views on the matter, nor is it clear whether they are held by her correspondent. The women “resents” the man’s failure to meet her exacting standards in a test that she herself is never expected to perform.

The Board is set up like this, with more mean Baby tasks on the left, and more nice Sissy tasks on the right: ---- O-----oo__1__oooo__2__oo --------P--------ooooo__1__ooooo ooooo__2__oooooooooo__3__oooooooooo__4__ooooo--------A--------ooooo__1__oooooooooo__2__oooooooooo__3__oooooooooo__4__oooooooooo__5__oooooooooo__6__ooooo --------T--------ooooo__1__oooooooooo__2__oooooooooo__3__oooooooooo__4__ooooo There are four categories--Outings (going out to dinner or the movies), Punishments (major activities that are potentially very unpleasant), Activities (things that can contribute to/enhance Punishments or are less intense than punishments), and Tasks (activities that we do for each other, like cleaning, laundry, etc).

The five circles by each slot in a category represent five levels of a task--each more unpleasant/humiliating/painful than the last, and as we win games, the slots on our side fill up at random.

Yours, Geena (my real name) Hey Guys, my name is Sandy I am 23years old T girl from Brazil.It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.Corset training with steel boned corsets help a lot in addition with hormones to give us TGirls wonderful curves!When play day comes, activities from our lists are assigned randomly to those slots, generating random sets of activities with random intensities. Well that's where the fun comes in--we thought it would be nice to share our adventures with all of you, and we will post updates on who is winning, and post pictures and stories of our play days.Feminization and sissification materials - including games, sissy assignments and tasks, instructionals, captions, quizzes and whatever else I manage to create.

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