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A few years ago, she was obsessed with the “Harry Potter” series, but these days she’ll read pretty much any fiction she can get her hands on.

On the weekends, when she’s not catching up on homework, the petite, curly-haired high school freshman likes to hang out with her friends — they go shopping, see movies, bake cookies.

I keep a kosher home, and observe Shabbos in my own way (I dont drive, but watch tv).

Even though the back-and-forth may get tiresome, she’s certain she made the right decision by deciding to attend a school with a strong Orthodox identity.

“Observing Shabbat and all the holidays is really important to me, and I think at another school that could become a challenge,” she says. ’ ” Though Sarah doesn’t face that particular issue at her school, the interaction she describes is one that will likely sound familiar to a certain segment of the Bay Area Jewish community.

For religious teenagers (including middle schoolers) and women.

Dear Jew in the City, I am a somewhat observant Jew in a big city with a decent Jewish population, but I am having trouble finding my bashert.

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I am 26 and ready to find my husband, but I am starting to think I might have to become less religious or more religious than I am comfortable with in order to do so.

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