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Is there really an innate difference between men and women in technology?

-Many parents begin to wonder about the sex of their baby as soon as they discover they're having a baby. Women have 2 X chromosomes and men have an X and Y.

All I would have had to do was enter “Game of Thrones” and Jennie’s Twivo would have blocked every single mention on my feed. Jennie Lamere was the only female in this competition, and also the only minor. According to, “The internet, of course, is rife with opinion about What Has To Happen in order for more girls to get into programming, for more women to speak at tech conferences, and for how to make guys not be jerks to them when they do enter these fields or show up at these conferences.” I think it’s intimidating for a lot of young girls to pursue a field that has been so classically dominated by really competitive men, probably with egos.

Twivo is like my knight in shining armor that protects me from spoilers. So, going back to what Larry Summers said about women’s suffering interest in sciences: I call BS. A hacker shouldn’t be identified as some young genius male plotting a way to overthrow Facebook in his dorm room.

The books all followed the same sequence—we meet each girl, she learns a lesson, celebrates Christmas, birthdays, and summers, and faces a major life change.

Mary Ann Mc Grath, professor of marketing at Loyola University says, "The stories from history are about strong girls facing crises like slavery and the Depression in strong ways." Initially owned by the Pleasant Company, founded by former schoolteacher Pleasant T.

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Rowland, American Girl underwent an incremental but noticeable shift after their acquisition by Mattel in 1998.

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