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One of the biggest obstacles to successful projects has been getting access to interesting data.Here are some more cool public data sources you can use for your next project: While building your own project cannot replicate the experience of fellowship at The Data Incubator (our Fellows get amazing access to hiring managers and access to nonpublic data sources) we hope this will get you excited about working in data science. One assumes that the percent of C-14 in the environment has not changed (there is a chart that can be used to include fluctuations but for most science classes it is not considered).

They can be used by students ranging from middle school, high school, or college classrooms.Answer: When organisms containing C-14 die, there is no further intake of Carbon 14, so the Carbon- 14 concentration slowly decreases as individual unstable Carbon- 14 decay back into stable Nitrogen -14 atoms. For example, if the organism had 100 grams of carbon-14 when it died, after 5730 years the fossil would have 50 grams of carbon-14.Know that not all of the carbon-14 atoms decay at the same time, but the half-life describes how long it takes for half of them to decay.In physics, the force of an object is equal to the mass multiplied by the acceleration of the object. This image simply replaces “May the FORCE be with you,” from Star Wars with mass times acceleration.Chemistry is fun, but this one is more of a play on words.

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Our hiring partners love considering Fellows who don’t mind getting their hands dirty with data.

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