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As part of its war strategy, Saudi Arabia, with military and political backing from the U.S., has imposed a siege on Yemen, which depends on imports for 90 percent of its food supply.Famine and disease haunt the living, but not even the dead are spared the calamities of Yemen's two-year-old civil war.Ancient mummies are withering away in a major museum for lack of electricity and preservative chemicals from abroad – a sign that the conflict is harming not only the country's present and future but also its rich past.So far, only million to provide these necessities has been received. Donald Trump has pledged to increase military spending in the next U. budget by billion--nearly 25 times more than is needed to fully fund the programs needed to address the food and medicine shortages in Yemen.In addition to the 10,000 killed in fighting since the conflict began, thousands more have died as a result of preventable disease and starvation.This time she talks to many villagers and, combining those accounts with insight from current and former military officials, concludes it was not the “highly successful” operation Trump claims, "from the description of an assault on a fortified compound — there are no compounds or walled-off houses in the village — to the 'large amounts of vital intelligence' the president said were collected.”And this: "According to a current U. special operations adviser and a former senior special operations officer, it was not intelligence the Pentagon was after but a key member of al Qaeda.The raid was launched in an effort to capture or kill Qassim al Rimi, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, according to the special operations adviser, who asked to remain anonymous because details behind the raid are classified."As for the women killed, this casts doubts on the Pentagon claim that some were armed and fought U. forces from “pre-established positions.” But all witnesses interviewed for this piece call that balderdash, "citing a culture that views the prospect of women fighting as ‘eib’ — shameful and dishonorable — and pointing out the practical implausibility of women clutching babies while also firing rifles.

Her reporting for The Intercept, assisted by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, would appear to demolish the Trump claims.But a timeless enemy, abetted by the disorder of war, threatens the mummies' repose."The mummies have started to decay and are infected with bacteria.The Security Council would focus on Africa, the Middle East and the selection of the next Secretary-General, Vitaly Churkin (Russian Federation), Council President for October, said at a Headquarters press conference today.The Russian Federation planned to hold 20 meetings this month, including two open debates, he said.

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This is because we don't have electricity and the machines that are supposed to maintain them," said Abdelrahman Jarallah, head of the university's antiquities department.

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