Properties afterproperties itemupdating

Properties afterproperties itemupdating

I am using an Item Updating event receiver (in 2010). After Properties, where the changed values are stored. Refer to this excellent blog post from Randy Williams for a complete overview of which property to use with each event : Working with Before Properties and After Properties on SPItem Event Receiver Side note #1: You should never open a new SPWeb inside a synchronous event receiver, as this is potentially a very costly operation.

The code seems pretty straightforward, but I can't get the the fields to update. Event Firing Enabled = True End Using End Sub You cannot update properties. That property contains the original values, and are for reference only (not saved back). Note that that property is a basic array of string (or more exactly a IEnumerable), not a SPList Item, although you access its values in a similar manner: , FIELD must be the Title (or Display Name) of the field. In your case, access instead the current web by using properties.

Even when hard-coding the values, the code runs successfully but the values aren't saved. Allow Unsafe Updates = True current Item("Prior Price") = 5.25 current Item. Web, and do not dispose of it (do not put inside a block). Allow Unsafe Updates unless you are specifically trying to update an item inside a GET request. Allow Unsafe Updates lightly as it exists to protect against vulnerabilities.

I tried Item Updated, which will update the values, but it's not going to work for my solution. Sample: Public Overrides Sub Item Updating(properties as SPItem Event Properties) My Base. It is not your case in the code you show, you should be able to directly edit properties.

Instead, I created a hidden column Study Type and I have an Item Adding event receiver set this field when an item is created. Now it occurred to me that the client may want to edit the folder and my event receiver must still set the proper fields to new values. I would just add an Item Updating event to my receiver have it execute the same code and all done.

Check the intername of the column you are trying to get the data from.

I have to use the "vti_" named parameters for it to work for title, but i can't use the vti_doclibmodstat to access the Moderation Status. - title --So to answer my question, one of the problems with Before and After properties with versioning is that it's not 100% complete.

I've got a similar issue where itemupdating was working in SP2010, however it's firing in SP2013 but the values don't change. I change the name in a list item and then it's still got the old value when saved. Item Updating(properties); as I'm inheriting from the SPItem Event Receiver class.

I have a library that allows multiple folder content types. if you have changed the name of the column after creating the list, then try with the old name.

I am grouping the folders by content type but I don't want the group heading to say Content Type: whatever.

just one example.public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) { if (properties. = null) { SPModeration Status Type after = (SPModeration Status Type)int.

A user has a list that has a couple fields that are often updated.

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I don’t mean that it’s largest and most luxurious application every written, but rather that you may be cruising headlong into a nasty rendezvous with an iceberg that could deal a severe blow to your project.

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