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We see ourselves as an extension of the at-home support provided by our partner families.And while the skills we hone – and the ways we do so – are a bit different than what’s learned at home, Kenwood and Evergreen’s community is a great complement to the life lessons our parents pass along to their children.You had to feel your way along until you found Mamet hidden away, which is how it is with him.Mamet, who is masterly at communicating his meanings in public, is prickly in private.That is probably not how they do it at clubs in Berlin. Second, a mare cannot refuse a stallion unless the stallion’s cock is too big or if it has a piercing.

Also, all the mares have to be fucked before any one of them can be fucked again.

These are two of the Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) FAQ commitments Human Growth and Development (HGD) distributed at their Oct 20th Community Forum, in which over 1800 attended but were unable to speak. It also includes examples of 5 other OPS FAQ commitments from their October 20th Community Forum that have already been broken.

The recording link herein shares the details of an OPS HGD event under OPS’ current curriculum, that an attending OPS student called a ‘Sex Concentration Camp’, held on the UNO campus in late October, just days after the Community Forum and FAQs were distributed. How could OPS administrators inflict this atrocious act upon our children?

We utilize every element of our community to provide the most developmentally impactful experience for your child.

Every tradition, every ceremony, every activity is seen as an opportunity to build your child up, and to strengthen and deepen the learning that occurs here at Camp. As parents, it’s your love for your children that turns your house into a home, and at Kenwood and Evergreen, it’s our love for our work and for each and every child that transforms our campus into a community.

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Aside from the time I went hang-gliding in a foreign country with a guide who didn’t speak English, the scariest thing I ever did happened inside a yurt in Northern California a few summers ago, when I was a horse.

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