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Now, imagine being gay and knowing that out of the 7.4 billion people in the world, most are heterosexual.

One way to meet someone of the same gender is by using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

Pansexuality is commonly accepted as an attraction to all genders. Polysexuality is generally accepted as an attraction to most, but not all, genders.

Bisexuality is usually acknowledged as an attraction to one's own gender, and another gender.

If you are bisexual (bi=2) that means you are attract to the 2 "main" genders: male/female.

Pansexual means that you are attracted to all genders.

That’s when I heard of Her, a dating app for females looking to meet other females, either romantically or platonically.

Polysexuality is distinct from polyamory, the desire to be intimately involved with more than one person at once, or pansexuality, which is attraction to all genders and sexes.

But going after someone who doesn’t know you’re poly or who isn’t at least open to non-monogamous arrangements is like sleeping with straight girls: just a really, really bad idea.

You’re robbing both her of the opportunity to make an informed decision and yourself of the chance for that informed decision to work in your favor. When you do, if she’s not on board with non-monogamy she could be hurt because you approached her under what she might see as false pretences.

I don’t want her to totally disregard me from the start, and I also don’t want her to feel misled. The only way to approach this situation — the only way to approach many situations involving other human beings and feelings and sex and dating etc. Sitting literally or metaphorically across from a girl I’m into and hoping she’ll like me or want to kiss me or at least not leave half way through the first round of drinks.

— is with radical transparency and direct disclosure. It can be scary to have to disclose something that might make someone back away from the table, but it’s way worse to not disclose and to have her find out on her own, or to not disclose and then have to tell her after you’re waking up in bed together after a few months of dating when she asks who’s calling and you tell her, your spouse, or to not disclose and have her find out from someone at work. There are way worse things to have to tell someone. You can even title-drop in a casual-not-casual way. I don’t feel the need to disclose the fact that I’m poly to every single person in my life before they learn anything else about me, because some conversations are too exhausting to have with my grandmother or local baristas or distant co-workers.

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Note: Those who identify as "Transgender [Ft M]" or "Transgender [Mt F]" will be listed as "Boy [Ft M]" or "Girl [Mt F]" on their profiles.

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