Pierra makena dating

Pierra makena dating

It is also April fools so I bet she’s playing a prank on everybody once again. Remember the one time she fooled us about the identity of her baby daddy when people wouldn’t stop asking? During Brenda Wairumu ladies show “Let’s Talk” which she hosts together with Monique, Ella and Pierra Makena, she revealed how she and Juliani started talking.Before they met, Brenda was a huge fan of Juliani and had even gone as far as braiding her hair to match Juliani’s.Expectant Kenyan entertainer Pierra Makena now says she will bring up her child as a single mum, revealing that she had broken up with her baby daddy.The high-flying female DJ made the startling announcement Thursday morning during a one on one interview with Amina on .To them, that was not bold enough and quite unfashionable indeed.

Deliberately or otherwise, their wardrobes had nothing to do with anything that extended below their knees.

#God Got Me #loved #bae & #baby #Warmest Couple #good night from the 3 of us………?????????????????? ,” Miss Makena captioned the neatly created collage of them together. But we do know it’s fools day and she is clearly playing us again.

Even before DJ Pierra Makena’s baby girl came into the world, there was talk of brands endorsing the lil angel. The female spin-master delivered baby Ricca normally.

Vaunt your body in your digs but don’t parade it out there for every lad to analyse and draw imageries over his defeated mind. 1 Timothy 2:9 the Bible reads; I remember at one time, my day job boss allocated me some task on bookkeeping for one particular restaurant.

Incidentally, I came to realise save for the MD who was an intimidating, bald headed mid-forties chap, the rest of the Management including the Operations Manager, H. Manager, dropping down to the lower levels of Assistant Accountant, MD’s personal assistant and the receptionist were all females.

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