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Try these on for size: “I, Eddard of the House Stark,...

In a world full of crazy ideas about the nature of our planet – yeah, we’re looking at you, flat-earthers – it’s pretty bloody awesome to see something like the simulation in this video from NASA. Ned Stark had some pretty epic liners back in the first season of Game of Thrones.

He’s remembered as a good-natured larrikin, a warrior for conservation, and an all-round top bloke. Ned Stark had some pretty epic liners back in the first season of Game of Thrones.

Chief among them was of course, ‘Winter is coming,’ but there were others.

He’s still wearing the gamekeeper’s outfit he changed into after we got back from the pub last night. The four members of Black Sabbath are from Birmingham. “If they were touring or in the studio it was quite serious. There was madness on days off.” Dave accompanied Black Sabbath on several tours of Europe and North America as they played to thousands in arenas and stadiums.

Black Sabbath: The Thrill of it All relives his time with them, and reveals the role this part of the world played in their early years.

Chief among them was of course, ‘Winter is coming,’ but there were others. We all know Game of Thrones goes to air on a Monday (for us Aussies), but the video below is a great argument for the next episode to air on Tuesday.

“I can see the roof of the Range Rover glistening in the pond,” recalls Dave. I noticed there was an empty bottle of whisky on the dashboard.” Just another day at Atrocity Cottage – the nickname given to Ozzy’s home in rural Staffordshire. Ozzy is still the singer with Black Sabbath; one of the world’s biggest rock bands. His west Cumbrian drawl is the perfect soundtrack to a laid-back manner. Last Saturday they played what was billed as their last ever show, at Birmingham’s NEC Arena. She recalled the moment during an interview with , saying, "I see that Eminem gets in trouble for singing about killing his wife. "She explained how he came home and said "I've decided you have to go," before attempting to strangle her.One morning in the mid 1970s Dave Tangye felt a bit like Sherlock Holmes. He’d seen ducks on the pond behind his house and said: ‘I’m going to get them.’ Then he came downstairs in his Elmer Fudd gear, carrying his shotgun. In the late 1960s the two previous incarnations of the band, Mythology and Earth, played regularly in Cumberland and the Borders thanks to local promoter Monica Linton. OK, if you’re the kind of bloke (or kind of sheila) who has to run for the hills with their fingers in their ears every time someone mentions possible Game of Thrones spoilers, do that now. Want to know how to make your very own Night’s Watch cloak? In it, Michele Clapton – a former costume designer for everyone’s favourite show reveals some interesting secrets about how the clo... Aaaaaaaaand Game of Thrones Season 7 has commenced you big bloody pack of legendary wankers!

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And one duo's relationship is still a bit complicated.

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