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A swastika generally takes the form of a rotationally symmetrical arrangement (a cross) with four equally spaced legs of identical length each bent at 90 degrees in a uniform direction to create a pattern akin to a four-armed spiral.

” The truth is…I can’t tell you some magical formula for how to figure out if he really loves you and wants to be with you. (The answer to that final question, by the way, is YES. Too much woman for too little man.) But finally…I should say that all these signs and all this evidence really means nothing, because you answered your question when you asked it.

Which might sound harsh until I remind you that a man who doesn’t really love you and doesn’t really want to be with you is also a man who doesn’t deserve you. A man who doesn’t really love you and doesn’t really want to be with you will constantly leave you questioning everything about the relationship. Everything will be fraught with hesitation and doubt and anxiety. The moment you even start to feel safe, he’ll jerk the rug out from under you just to remind you that he, not you, is in control of the relationship. Have you experienced a relationship with a man like this?

He will purposely leave you idling in the gray area as long as you are content to stay there so he feels safe in the knowledge that he always has a “standby” if and when the need arises. A man who doesn’t love you and doesn’t really want to be with you will drift in and out of your life on his own accord and his own timetable.

While for many couples, learning how to stimulate the prostate is breaking all new sexual ground, there are some pretty compelling reasons to leave your comfort zone and get frisky with his g-spot.

If you’re a woman who has ever had a g-spot orgasm, think about the first time it happened: how different it felt from any orgasm you’d had before, how intense and even surprising it was.

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Much like the female g-spot, the male g-spot is about two inches in, and toward the belly.

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