Nuclear stress test dating

If the test shows that blood flow is normal while you are resting but not normal while you are exercising, then doctors know that your blood flow to your heart is not adequate during times of stress.

The heart normally pumps more blood during times of physical exertion.

Why are men who go to the doctor with chest pain more likely to get referred for an exercise ECG than are women with the same complaint?

An exercise ECG (electrocardiogram) – a test that measures the heartbeat’s electrical activity while the patient walks on a treadmill – is the gold standard for noninvasive testing in patients with suspected heart disease.

Together with the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group, it closely follows the implementation of national action plans.Nuclear stress tests can also give doctors information about your arteries and whether they might be narrowed or blocked because of coronary artery disease.This test is almost the same as the exercise stress test, except doctors will give you a small amount of a radioactive substance just before the end of the exercise part of the test.Nuclear regulators set up national action plans, which have been peer-reviewed by experts from EU countries and the Commission.The implementation of the stress tests recommendations is a national responsibility and is ensured by operators and national regulators.

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Part of the reason for the difference – sad but true - is that many physicians still are not tuned in to heart disease risk in women.

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