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Lucifer was the light-bearer and devil, so the satanic rituals are sure to include the flame throughout: There’s also that classic black and white checkered Freemasonry temple floor in the video too: Like we’ve seen in a slew of other videos in the past year or so (Kesha’s “C’mon“, Miley Cyrus “Decisions“, Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard“, and Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” to name a few), there are numerous shots of these pagan animal heads and costumes.It’s most likely a reference to the occult worship of anthropomorphic beings like the ancient Egyptians used to do (as seen on their glyphs).Now 22, Noot is an established icon of the fashion world, having worked for almost every design house in New York, Paris and Milan.She keeps apartments in New York and Paris and moves between the two, with occasional quick trips back to Vancouver.Model/Vampire: Twilight's Noot Seear By Darrell Hartman 08/14/2009 PM Photos by Jack Siegel After half a life as a model, 25-year-old Noot Seear is now a vampire. But it was really cool because the day I shot everyone was there: Dakota, Rob, Kristen. I'd gone to maybe 13 different schools in eight years. I've had the same manager for 12 years now, and she guided me and made sure I was making the right decisions. Instead of having to play some hot girl on some dude's arm, this role came along. And I got my driver's license two months ago, so I can finally drive. NS: I've had this crazy-long successful career in New York. My agent always turns down jobs for me because she wanted to make sure I was always fresh. And not just any vampire: a Twilight vampire, the true proof of immortality, film and otherwise. DH: Heidi's scene, in the book at least, is short but awesome. I got to meet everyone and they were so nice to me. I met this agent and we went to New York and I started working right away, with Mario Sorrenti. I was a stubborn little girl; I didn't want to go back to school. DH: Do you feel like you missed certain key parts of adolescence? NS: You're thrown into this adult world and you're alone all the time. DH: And—I have to ask, since we're talking Twilight–maybe not much opportunity for teen romance? That's one terrible thing about this industry: there's a lot of predator men.

Seear's catwalk debut came in September 1998 at New York Fashion Week, where she walked for Calvin Klein, Daryl K and Ralph Lauren.

In the forthcoming New Moon, the second installment in the rabidly popular teen series, Seear plays Heidi, a crazy-hot bloodsucker who lures tourists to her coven. NS: I definitely missed out things like prom and spring break, but I think I gained a lot more by traveling all around the world. I've had 12 years of working in and adult world, being taken seriously, having to show up to work on time, whereas if I'd gone through the school system I'd just be finding my own feet right now.

When we sat down with her, the British Columbia native admitted she's more grunge than Goth.

I think Franco’s schooling at Yale perhaps tips the hand towards Illuminati because he’s affiliated with the Skull & Bones somehow, since he was reported to be dating a girl in the Wolf’s Head secret society.

All those secret societies are allegedly Illuminati and satanic affiliated, just different masks on the same demon.

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