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But who knows, maybe at some point in the future, baseball caps and sunglasses will all come with f MRI systems inside them.

Obviously, we're looking at just some preliminary proof of concept research here, but there's a lot of potential that this technology could eventually realize.

In Israel, a researcher inside an f MRI machine thinks "walk forward" or "move right" or "move left," and a thousand kilometers away in France, a robot performs the movement based on the researcher's thoughts alone while sending back first-person video for an avatar-like experience: There are a few different reasons why this method of brain control is different from (and arguably better than) other methods of brain control that we've seen in the past.

Other tools, like Emotiv's EPOC headset, can detect specific patterns of brainwaves that can then be used to send commands to a robot, but to get that to work, you have to train your brain to reliably create those brainwaves.

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f MRI, on the other hand, can (sort of) read your thoughts , with a vaguely alarming degree of accuracy, meaning that very little training is necessary: just picture a robot doing something, the f MRI will suck that picture straight out of your brain, and then get the robot to do the same thing.

It's also good for controlling robots, and Israeli researchers have managed to get a robot to move around a room just by thinking about it.

If no there’s no exact figure as to how many units were sold, nearly a million pre-bookings were registered.

Nokia also announces several other models, from entry to high-end, including the beloved Nokia 3310, which returned with modern contours, and the classic game Snake.

And to make sure the conditions were fair, all shots were taken using auto mode only. In a shot at Madison Square Park, the Galaxy S6 nailed the perfect exposure balance between a well-lit subject and the dimmer background, without the slight blue tinge seen in the G4's photo. Third: i Phone 6 Plus The G4 did a good job capturing the slightly blue cast of late afternoon sunlight, but the picture looked flat and lifeless next to the S6's photo, which offered more saturated red, blue and yellow on the paper models. In the same place with flash, the G4 produced some garish yellow-green hues that, when compared to the more neutral photos from the S6, made Cherlynn look like she had the gout. The G4 did a bit better with a more neutral color cast, but paled in comparison to the i Phone 6 Plus' photo. It's close again, but the S6 edges out the G4, with more accurate colors than the G4's overly yellow exposure, and with better detail around the bottom of the bottles. The i Phone 6 Plus finishes in third, with an underexposed shot. Despite not winning overall, the G4's camera still impressed with detailed images, superb auto HDR and accurate colors, thanks to its color spectrum sensor.

For each round, we awarded the best shot with 3 points, 2 for second place and 1 for third place. Third: i Phone 6 Plus The i Phone 6 Plus came out ahead in this difficult shot by eliminating the most lens flare and haziness from the picture. The S6 image also exhibited better detail in the hair and better color in the reddish tones than the i Phone 6 Plus managed. These shots are also a great example of the difference in depth of field between the three cameras due to their different apertures. Third: i Phone 6 Plus MORE: Best Photo Editing Software Starting with the flash off, the Galaxy S6 captured Cherlynn nicely without the gray haziness and greenish hues captured by the G4, although the S6's photo is a little more yellow than ideal. The i Phone 6 Plus photo was even worse, with a too-strong flash that blew out details on her face. Despite its f/2.2 aperture (which gathers less light), the i Phone was much less aggressive with the light-sensitivity setting (ISO 200 vs. The pictures also don't demonstrate the speed of the laser-assisted autofocus, which felt just a bit faster than the focus on the S6.

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