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Some people think that there are ulterior motives or reasons why Black Men and White Women date or marry each other. However the case may be, there is still in this day and age some resentment and ill will towards Black Men coming from the African American community. Until the world can see a man as a man and a woman as a woman, it will live divided.Don't think you can afford to laugh nowadays as the Jews drag us into their Shemitic family feud with their fellow dune coons! I asked my mother through sobs if I was "white," and my mother looked at me, horrified, trying to figure out who and why anyone would torment her child with such dumb-ass nonsense. Crazy Mo Foes who engaged this country in the longest, most expensive and fiercest battle EVER against Whitey. I have the reddish-brown skin to qualify as a bona-fide mongoloid negress, yet the racial phenotype of my White and Indian relatives is undeniably visible in my face. Invite the spics over, blindfold them and tell them it's a piñata party. What do you call 50 niggers at the bottom of the ocean? Because they spent the first nine months of their lives dodging a coat hanger. Why do Black People lean to the middle when they drive? I just knew by the way that they were taunting me that it wasn't the thing to be.

What did the Alabama sherriff call the nigger who had been shot 15 times? What do you get when you cross a retard with a gang banger? No one would suggest that you "hated yourself" for admitting that these types exist, right? Do you know he's been hiding behind the sofa the WHOLE GULDURNED TIME? I have baby photos of me in our former growing room! Multi-Kulti beast) when I was entering Kindergarten to chase her Utopian rainbows of social justice, 'wimmins rights,' and all the weed she could toke. My father was a teacher at New York's City College; my mom was one of his students, a starry-eyed black hippie chick refugee from the North Shore of Chicago. Clearly a black child, albeit somewhat light-skinned until summer, anyway. That made you wonder if this is God's idea of a sick joke; some sort of undeserved karma that makes you wince every time you're reminded that you share the same family tree with these cretins? I am the daughter of '60s black intellectual artists who flirted with Black Nationalism (and each other, obviously) during the heady days and purple haze of the Summer of Love. " My mother should've known that I was going to have problems when I came home from nursery school crying, because the project bunnies were calling me "white girl." Now mind you, they weren't getting this perception from my skin, as I was a light-bronze-complexioned child with a thick, long shock of wavy black hair.

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Accordingly, it began to disappear from popular culture, and its continued inclusion in classic works of literature has sparked controversy.

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